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Cadre Ticket

This article originally appeared in the December 2013 issue.

Synopsis: The PCs are tasked with training a local military force on newly-acquired Imperial hardware.
Location: Initially, an important world one jump from a balkanized world; the actual contract is on the balkanized world.
Skills: A mix of military skills is optimal.

The PCs, recently mustered out of Imperial military service, are contacted individually; a factor on their current planet is hiring recent vets (and other qualified personnel) for a one-year ticket as maintenance and training cadre for one of the national governments on a nearby balkanized world. They will be required to train up the nation’s forces on their shiny new high-tech Imperial surplus purchases.

The contract is initially for one year, with mildly better-than-standard pay and benefits, substantial performance bonuses, and renewable by mutual agreement. The PCs will train operators, train maintainers, perform maintenance, train unit commanders on strategy and tactics to best take advantage of their new equipment’s capabilities, etc.

Possible Directions to Take This Scenario

  1. All is as presented. Generally easy duty, and bonuses are entirely within reach.
  2. The locals are less educated and starting from a lower tech baseline than presented, but motivated to learn. Earning the bonuses will be difficult, but not impossible; there should be no problem meeting the baseline goals of the contract.
  3. The locals are less educated and starting from a lower tech baseline than presented, related to the ruling party, and resentful of authority. Meeting the baseline goals should be barely possible; bonuses are almost certainly out of reach.
  4. Neighbors are itching for a fight. Roll 10+ on 2d each month for neighbors to raid the compound of the high-tech force and attempt to wreck the equipment. The referee may decide that the neighbors are aggressive, and raid on 9+ instead.
  5. As #4, but goal will be to capture/ransom the training cadre rather than wreck the equipment.
  6. Sabotage. One of the locals is a saboteur. Roll 10+ on 2d every week for something to fail in a spectacular and dangerous manner, until the saboteur is caught.