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Combat Logistics

Patron: Noble

Required Skills: Starship Operations

Required Equipment: Starship

Players' Information

The party is contacted by a representative of a minor world outside the Imperium. The world is engaged in a war on a lower-tech planet located a single Jump-1 away from their planet.

Due to very thinly spread interstellar traffic in this region of space, the Kingdom prosecuting the war is running into problems supporting their troops. They are offering double-standard rates in exchange for a one-standard-year contract to ferry supplies and/or troops to and from the world. Bonuses are possible.

Referee's Information

The Kingdom has no real allies in the Region, and no known enemies. Publicly, they are trying to gain access to raw materials on the planet (there are heavy Lanthanum deposits on-planet), but due to a badly-bungled attempt at diplomacy, the local population has lauched a vicious guerilla war against the invader.

The Kingdom is barely TLA, and mostly TL9. The guerillas are mostly TL4-5, with some captured TL8-9 small arms and equipment; the guerilla's are not known to possess any form of anti-starship weaponry.

Possible directions to take this seed:

  1. All is as represented. the guerilla's are incapable of seriously damaging any starship landing within the planet's starport.
  2. The guerillas have begun to be supplied by a small outside group that is hostile to the Imperium
  3. The guerillas have begun to be supplied by a small outside group that is friendly to the Imperium
  4. The guerillas have begun to be supplied by a major interstellar government that is hostile to the Imperium
  5. The guerillas have begun to be supplied by the Imperium
  6. The Kingdom is not after Lanthanum - they are trying to secure an Ancient site; the guerillas are fanatically dedicated to defending the Ancient facility, as they have constructed a complex religion around the site. The guerillas will stop at nothing - including suicide bombers - to drive the Kingdom from the world.

Subsequent events are up to the Referee.