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An Explosive Situation

This adventure originally appeared on the pre-magazine Freelance Traveller website in 2005, and was reprinted in the August 2015 issue.

While visiting a backwater town, a huge explosion occurs on the street near the PCs. Soon bloodied and burned injured are staggering around, if they can. Within 10 minutes security and emergency workers arrive.

Possible directions to develop this:

  1. The blast was an accidental result of a poorly maintained gas supply igniting. This is unknown (at least initially) and the PCs are immediately rounded up by security services for questioning.
  2. It was a terror attack. The PCs—offworlders—are taken in and grilled (unpleasantly) at length.
  3. As 2., but word has spread that suspects are ‘in custody’. A mob forms outside the police station, intent on killing the PCs. Police are forced to defend the station and enlist the PCs’ help.
  4. It was a terror attack and a second planted device, a road mine, detonates, destroying emergency vehicles and killing paramilitaries and ER response teams.
  5. It was a terror attack and armed rebels are waiting nearby. As emergency workers start attending, they attack, shooting anything that moves.
  6. It was a rocket attack aimed at the PCs which just missed. The PCs seem to have been mistaken for another group of offworlders. Or have they?