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Emperors of the Rule of Man: Hiroshi I

Hiroshi Tokugawa Estigarribia
Born -2260, reigned -2204 to -2182, died -2182

Also known as 'Hiroshi the Uncrowned' (due to the fact that he never formally claimed the title of Emperor), 'Hiroshi the Wise' (by the Geonee) and 'Hiroshi the Conqueror' (among certain sections of the Vilani).

Born on the Terran island of Cuba. Graduated from the Terran Confederation Combined Naval Academy in -2238 (16th in his class). Hiroshi displayed tremendous ability during the Nth Interstellar War (-2235 to -2219), rising rapidly through the ranks. By the war's end, then Vice-Admiral Estigarribia was in command of Task Force Gabriel, which had mounted a highly successful offensive into the Delphi Sector to link up with and support the Geonee Revolt against Vilani rule.

Following the Vilani surrender, Estigarribia was made Governor Pro Tempore of a huge swathe of territory encompassing parts of the Delphi, Core, Old Expanses, Massilia and Ley Sectors. The imaginatively named Second Administrative Sector was governed with a relatively light hand, and many worlds remained effectively under the control of their civilian rulers.

Estigarribia was recalled to Terra in -2212 to oversee a massive restructure of the military command. While the old command structure had served well in the war against the Ziru Sirka, it was considered inadequate for the task of administering the conquered empire. At the end of this period, he was promoted to Grand Admiral of the Terran Confederation Navy, a post that he held until his death.

As Grand Admiral, Estigarribia became increasingly disenchanted with the policies of the Confederation government. This sentiment, combined with a growing political rift between Terra and her daughter worlds in the Confederation led to the largely bloodless Coup of -2204, in which forces loyal to Estigarribia overthrew the Confederation civilian government. Later that year, he proclaimed himself Regent of the Vilani Imperium and Protector of Terra, inaugurating the Rule of Man.

Early in his rule, Hiroshi moved his capital to Confederation Fleet Headquarters at Dingir, although his empire was still largely ruled by the bureaucratic structure centered on Vland. He also moved quickly to dissolve the shackles placed on many other races by the Pax Vilanica (an act his sucessors had cause to regret), instituting autonomous rule in large parts of the Rule of Man. In -2196, Hiroshi codified the succession procedures for the Rule of Man, establishing the Council of Officers (later renamed the Council of Noble Officers by Hiroshi II).

During the remainder of his reign, Hiroshi created many of the institutions of the Rule of Man. Monetary policy, hitherto in the hands of the Vilani bureaux and Terran financial combines, became the province of the Central Bank (established in -2189). The court of Civil Justice was created in -2185 (although the military maintained its own judicial system).

Stricken in his later years by an incurable neural degenerative disorder, Hiroshi became increasingly dependant on his adopted son and chief of staff , Admiral Yev Gennaz. He named Gennaz as his successor in -2184, by which time he had effectively ceased to function as ruler.

Hiroshi's death in -2182 was mourned throughout the Rule of Man, although strangely more in the old 'Vilani' empire than on Terra itself. He was survived by four daughters (Maria, Nina, Kobe and Maragarite) and a son (Hiro).