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Emperors of the Rule of Man: Hiroshi II

Yev Gennaz (Estigarribia)
Born -2234, reigned -2182 to -2162, died -2162

Born in the Terran city of Tel Aviv in -2234. Gennaz' mother died in childbirth, and his father was killed fighting the Vilani when Yev was 3. Gennaz was adopted by then Captain Hiroshi Estigarribia. He entered the Terran Confederation Combined Naval Academy in -2216, and graduated 1st in his class.

While a solid if not gifted commander, Gennaz proved to be a talented administrator, and spent much of his career attached to the General Staff and the Naval Political Directorate, and later as one of the countless administrator/governors of the newly conquered Vilani empire. Gennaz was serving as adjutant to Grand Admiral Hiroshi Estigarribia during the Coup of -2204, and remained near his adopted father while Hiroshi lived.

Gennaz was promoted to the General Staff as Admiral in -2194. He was a 'political' admiral, and served as advisor to Hiroshi I. He became Hiroshi's chief of staff in -2190, becoming effectively the second most powerful figure in the Rule of Man. Due to Hiroshi I's increasing infirmity, Gennaz was effectively ruler for a number of years before his predecessor's death. Following Hiroshi I's death in -2182, Gennaz was named Regent and Protector by a unanimous vote of the Council of Officers.

Following the surrender of the last pocket of Vilani resistance in -2180, Gennaz assumed the title of Emperor, crowning himself in a ceremony on Dingir and taking the name Hiroshi II. As emperor, he largely continued the policies of his predecessor, continuing the liberalisation of the old Vilani power structure. His major achievement began in -2177, when he began relocating the Rule of Man's capital to the more centrally located Hub/Ershur. The move, which was eventually to encompass both the military government on Dingir and the bureaucracy on Vland, took almost three quarters of a century to complete.

Late in his reign outbreaks of rebellion by some elements of the Darmine (a minor human race) were suppressed, largely using Vilani forces in the area (although commanded by the Terran Admiral Teresa d'Entrecastaux). Around this time, the Vilani scientist Duskir Isilguur developed the broad-spectrum antiviral drugs that finally brought the Plague of Duskir to heel.

Hiroshi II's reign was largely stable, although as described above the later years saw some unrest. In -2164, Admiral d'Entrecastaux was promoted to Chief of the General Staff of the Rule of Man, and the following year was named successor by the ailing Emperor. Hiroshi II died of congestive heart failure in -2162.