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Emperors of the Rule of Man: Majid

General Majid Al-Mansur Al-Akbar Khalify
born -2120, ruled -2071 to -2058, died -2058.

Born on Hub/Ershur to an old naval family, Majid ignored the wishes of his father and entered the Rule of Man Marine Academy on Hub/Ershur in -2103. He pursued a successful career in the Marines and was promoted to Leftenant-General in -2076. He joined Hiroshi III's staff in that year. Soon afterwards, Majid became the first non-Naval officer to hold the post of Chief of the General Staff. Groomed as a successor by Hiroshi III he became the eigth emperor of the Rule of Man, following Hiroshi's abdication in -2071.

As Emperor, Majid was faced with a resumption in the economic recession that had briefly lifted during the latter part of Hiroshi III's reign.

To combat the downturn he granted generous incentives to major Vilani and Solomani corporations, including tax credits on interstellar trade. Despite these measures, the economy remained largely stagnant through large parts of the empire. Additionally, the loss of revenue that followed as a result of the concessions meant that the Rule of Man was no longer able to fully fund its expenditures. From -2065, the rulership was increasingly forced to borrow to make ends meet. Even this measure failed to provide the necessary funds, resulting in increasingly unsound fundig methods being pursued by subsequent Emperors.

Later in his reign Majid promoted civilians to a number of key posts within his cabinet, hoping that their greater expertise in economic matters could be used to help the empire emerge from recession. This was viewed with alarm by the Council of Noble Officers, who viewed the move as another attempt to curb their power and ultimately feared being placed under civilian control.