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Emperors of the Rule of Man: Zhiang

Grand Admiral Zhou Yei Zhiang
Born -2208, ruled -2139 - -2137, died -2137

Born on Agidda, Zhaing rose to the rank of Grand Admiral of the Rule of Man Navy under Teresa, a post that he continued to hold under Emperor Yakov. In court circles, Zhiang was a much loved elder statesman, and he was particularly popular among the Vilani sections of the Navy, who made up the majority of the lower and middle ranks.

Proclaimed Emperor by the Council of Noble Officers in -2137, he was the last of the 'old guard' emperors born in the old Terran Confederation. Zhiang's reign was short and marred by his declining health.

His condition rapidly deteriorated in the second year of his reign, leading to his voluntary euthanasia in -2137.