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The Prop Room: Crochet Instructions for Squeedles

This was originally a featured article in the July/August 2019 issue



Tension does not matter just be consistent

Abbreviations (English version)

C = Chain

DC = Double crochet

SC = Single crochet


Suggestion: Mark either the first or last chain of each row

Body (Colour A, use 4mm crochet hook)

Row 1:
C 3
Rows 2-10:
DC 3
Row 11:
2DC in each DC of previous row
Rows 12-13:
DC 6
Row 14:
2DC in each DC of previous row
Rows 15-19:
DC 12
Rows 20-21:
SC 12
Change to 3.5mm crochet hook
Row 22:
*C 11, turn miss 1st C, SC 11 (last SC into row 21) SC* repeat 4 times
*C 11, turn miss 1st C, SC 11 (last SC into row 21)* repeat 3 times
Rows 23-24:
SC 12 around inside of tentacles
Cast off leaving a 6 inch tail
Lightly stuff body

Long tentacles (Colour B, use 3.5mm crochet hook)

Row 1:
C 51, turn
Row 2:
Miss 1st chain, SC 50
Cast off and sew in ends
Fold long tentacles in half then push the fold into the body of the squeedle, finish stuffing the squeedle and then sew up using the tail left over from casting off the body.
Stick on Googly eyes

If you choose to use a finer or chunkier wool change crochet hooks as appropriate.