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F6 Fast Liner

This design is for Classic Traveller Tech Level 15

                XR-A431162-000000-80000-0       MCr 513.2      1000 tons
                  batts.          1                              TL=F
        Cargo=72. Passengers=17. LHyd=660. EP=60. Agility=1. Low=0.

The F6 represents an attempt to push the edge of the current TL performance envelope. In addition to costing more and carrying only half the load of the F5 this type would require the total restructuring of the technical and customer bases of the company to use its increased range. A single powerful laser battery comprises the ships armament. If high passengers are to be carried one cabin can be split to provide quarters for two stewards; all passenger quarters are allocated at 4 Dt each, although even High passage may require a breakdown to 2 Dt standards at the needed prices. MCr 641.5 standard.

Mortgage runs at MCr 25.66/year for the type, and a load of express cargo and high passengers at normal rates is MCr 8.12/year; the J6 premium of +220% also means that the marginal price increase over J5 service is at least 60%!

If used, a drop tank version would carry up to 600 additional tons. At an increased annual cost of MCr 21 (~+82%, ~MCr 48/a. total) the salable capacity now increases to 736 Dt from 136 Dt (increase of 441%!), allowing annual revenue of (16xHi, 16xMid, 608Dt) of MCr 31.36, or a needed premium of ~50%. Not only is this only higher by a sixth than the cost of drop J5, but it's a reduction over the cost of normal J6 by more than half!