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Clansman-class Attack Frigate

Tonnage: 10,000 Cost: 5.79 BCr
Jump: 3 Maneuver: 6
Hull[Armor]: 1[B] Power Plant: A
Computer: J (x3) Fuel: 4,000
Energy Points: 1,000 Crew: 90


100 ton Meson Gun Bay[1*9]
100 ton PA Bay[2*9]
50 ton Missile Bay[4*9]
Beam Lasers[2*9]
Nuclear Damper[9]
Meson Screen[9]




Agility: 6
86 tons Cargo
2 Sick Bays, 2 Machine Shops, 2 Electronics Shops
200 ton Magazine
Backup Sensor Array
10 Troops
Auxiliary Bridge
High Performance Fuel Scoops


Designed for speed and survivability. Heavy Armor backed up by strong screens, and phenomenal Agility make this class an excellent choice for fast raids, and for Picket ships on the outer reaches of a fleet.

Design Notes and Quirks

Built on a long needle hull, with a wedge shaped drive section aft, the Maneuver Drives are mounted on either edge of the wedge, and in the center of the aft hull section. The Primary Bridge is mounted forward in the lower hull, behind and below the Meson Gun Bay, which is mounted in the very nose of the ship.

The Particle Accelerator bays are mounted aft at the wingtips, and can pivot if needed. These bays are below the ships center line to afford a wide field of fire.

The Missile Bays use Rotary missile racks. and are mounted above the center line at the wing roots, 2 firing forward and 2 firing aft. Each Bay has 50 tons of ammo storage, in an armored magazine one deck below the bay.

The Auxiliary Bridge is mounted on the centerline aft, in the very center of the ship and contains a backup Model J computer. the aux bridge also is heavily armored, and there is an access tube which leads to the pinnace hangar 3 decks below.

The Pinnace Hangar contains space for a pinnace or up to 40 tons of other small craft. it is just forward of the ships small cargo bay. the hangar also contains a machine shop and an electronics shop. which are also used for general maintenance. There is also an access tube which leads to the emergency bridge, that is sealed and locked under normal circumstances.

The Cargo Bay contains 86 tons of storage space, there are 2 100 ton lifts which enable cargo to be lowered to the ground, or to load small craft. there are 2 sealed lift shafts which lead up to the missile magazines. these shafts carry 50 tons.

The Missile Magazines each contain 50 tons of missiles, and are heavily armored. Heavy blast doors are designed to prevent explosions and fires from spreading to damage the rest of the ship.