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Lady Sally McGee-class Pleasure Liner

This ship is designed for GURPS Tech Level 12


Tonnage: 2,000 USL
Cost: 452.9 MCR
Mass: 3,494.7 Tons
DR: 103
Hit Points:
Crew: 78+200 passengers

Other Features:

Hardened Basic Bridge
Backup Engineering Module
Swimming Pool
3 Casinos
5 Bars
25 Function Rooms
100 Luxury Staterooms
65 Staterooms
3 Sick Bays
119 Tons Cargo


Jump: 2
Maneuver: 2.15

Small Craft:

25 short duration Life Boats

Offensive Systems:

None fitted

Defensive Systems:

5 Triple Quadpulse PDL Clusters
5 Triple Sandcasters

Design Notes:

Designed for House Callahan as the first in a fleet of special Luxury Liners.

This series of ships is built on a long cylndrical hull with a boxy drive section aft, and a bulbous bridge at the slightly upcurved nose. The "function rooms" are used for various fantasy settings and/or physical recreation of the users' choice.

These ships travel between the stars, providing the finest in decadent entertainment for discriminating tastes. These ships are popular stops for many nobles and media stars, but the liners never reveal their guest lists and pride themselves on anonymity.