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TTC Trade Ship

Trexalon (District 268/1339) constructed several dozen 200-dton trade ships as part of an aggressive effort to establish and maintain trade with non-Imperial worlds in the Spinward Marches).

These ships are not designed to move cargo themselves. They are intended to carry several trade specialists, representing various industries within the Trexalon Technical Consortium, with the job of setting up new markets for TTC goods. Originally, these trade specialists dealt with world governments, but over time they have included smaller corporations and merchants (as a means of distributing TTC goods farther than Trexalon merchants normally go).

Normally, the office modules are configured to provide the ship with eight separate offices. In some cases, this is reduced to seven offices and the eighth is converted to four individual cubicles. Depending on the specific mission(s) of the trade ship, not all of these offices may be used.

As these ships served their purpose and were needed less and less by Trexalon, many were sold off to other worlds. Perhaps 20-30 are still used by the TTC, with anywhere from 40-90 ships in use elsewhere.

TTC Trade Ship (TL10)

Crew: 10-20. Captain/Pilot, Navigator, Comm/Sensor Officer, Medic, Engineer, 2 Gunners/Stewards, 3-13 Trade Specialists

Design: 200-ton SL hull, DR 100, 2 Turrets (1x250 MJ lasers); Basic Bridge, Engineering, 6 Jump, 11 Maneuver, 40 Fuel Tank, 2 Fuel Processor, Utility, 10 Staterooms, Sickbay, Conference Room, 2 Office, Safe, 20 Spacedock (10-dton launch), 11.5 Cargo.

Statistics: EMass 307.74 stons, LMass 402.24 stons, MCr 38.651, HP 22,500, Size Modifier + 8

Performance: Accel 1.09 Gs/1.4 Gs unloaded, Jump-2, Air Speed 1,440.