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Dur Telemon-class Scout Cruiser

A series of 12 ships to be built by the IISS for exploration and survey duties. The keel of the first was laid on 231-1118 at the Bilstein yards, Glisten/Glisten/SM. Able to remain on station nearly two years without resupply, the Dur Telemon Class Scout Cruiser, named for the late scout hero, will be the ship of choice for surveying a new system. Two Type S Scouts are carried to maintain communications with base and to extend to capabilities of the vessel.

The 73 crew will be joined by 127 mission specialists. They will enjoy the facilities of six labs, as well as a gym and swimming pool provided to make extended missions less arduous. Lifeboats and emergency Lowberths are provided as safety measures. A standard sickbay and Surgery provides top of the line medical care.

A complement of small craft include 6 enclosed Air/Rafts, a Gig, 4 Launches, and 3 Modular Cutters with 3 additional modules.

The ship is armored to factor 2 and features configurable turrets in its 16 Triple Missile and Triple BLaser turrets and its 18 Triple Sand turrets. The powerful main computer puts it on par with many capital ships in computing power, and in conjunction with the lower-powered computers in each Lab allows rapid processing of incoming data.

MegaTraveller specifications

Craft ID:  Dur Telemon Scout Cruiser, TL 15, 2050.582 Mcr,
                Quantity discount 1640.466 MCr 
Hull:    4500/11250, Disp=5000, Config=1Sl, Armour=46G,
                Loaded=57612.357, Unloaded=42337.295
Power:   Primary: 84/168, Fusion=22,608 Mw, Duration=30 days,
                Scoops, Purifiers 6 hr. 
         Secondary: 45/90, Fusion=12,114 Mw, Duration=3 days 
         ExtEnd excludes: (1g), Weapons=59 days
Loco:    135/270, Jump=2, 225/450 Maneuver=2G, Agility=0
Comm:    Radio=System x 2, Laser=System x 2
Sensors: A-EMS (FrOb) x 1, P-EMS (IntStlr) x 1, Hi-Pen Densinometer(1 Km) x 1,
              Neutrino(10 Kw) x1 
         Sensor scans:   AOS=R  AOP=R  POS=R  POP=R  PES=S  PEP=R
Off:     50 Hardpoints, 50 Occupied, Batteries Bearing 100% 
         Turrets:  Triple Missile-13     x 16(Configurable) 
                   Triple BLaser-13    x 16(Configurable) 
                   Triple Sand-10       x 18(Configurable) 
                   1 b/r=44 missiles 
                   Combat Statistics: (Max/Min Factor) 
                             T    B    S                         T    B    S 
                   BLaser   9/4   -     -              Missile  7/3   -    - 
                            1/16                                1/16 
                   Sand     9/4   -     -               
Def:     Def DM= 9
Control: Computer=Model 9fib w/ Circuit protection x 3,
              Panels=Holographic Linked x 1450, HUD holo x 22 
              Large holodisplay x 3
Accom:   Crew=73 ( Bridge=4 Engineering=4 Maintenance=1 Gunners=13
                   Flight=36 Command=10 Stewards=4
                   Medical=1), Mid pax=127,  Small Staterooms=200,
                 3 dton Lifeboats=25, Emergency Lowberths=50 
         Env=basic env, basic ls, extended ls, grav plates, inertial comp,
                 Airlocks x 10
Subcraft: Enclosed Air/Raft x 6(4 dton  TL15), Gig x 1(20 dtons crew=3 TL15), 
          Launch x 4(20 dtons crew=2 TL15),
          Modular Cutter x 3(50 dton crew=2 TL15)
          Extra Cutter Module x 3(30 dton TL15),
          Type S Scout x 2(100 dton crew=3 TL 15)
Other:    Cargo=13966.1 Kl/1034.5 tons, EMLevel=Moderate,
               Fuel=18700 Kl/1385 tons, ObjSize=Large,  
               Ram time= 1.4 hours
22.9 Manhours daily maintenance is required. Logistics 615 Kl/month

GURPS Traveller specifications

Crew: 200 Total. 21 Command and Control, 1 Jump Drive, 3 Maneuver Drive,
                 3 Medical, 126 Lab Techs, 3 Turret Gunners, 96 Flight Crew.
Hull: 5,000-ton VGSL, non Lifting Body, Medium Frame, Standard Materials,
      Bonded Superdense (Expensive) Armored Hull (DR 500, Instant Chameleon),
      Total Compartmentalization, Basic Stealth (-8, AMod 3), Basic Emission
      Cloaking (-8, PMod 3 [-4, PMod 7 in space]).
Control Areas: Command Bridge (Complexity 10), Survey System (Complexity 9),
      Probe Module, PESA-UHv, AESA-UHv, Computer Bank (8xMacroframe, HiCap,
      Hardened, Complexity 8).
Communicator Range (mi)
                     Radio       Maser   Laser         Meson
     Command Bridge  50,000,000  0       100,000,000   200,000
Sensors Range/Rating (mi)
                     Passive          Active         Radscanner
     Command Bridge  100,000/41       200,000/43     30,000/38
     PESA-UHv        7,000,000/52     0/0            0/0
     AESA-UHv        0/0              7,000,000/52   0/0
Engineering: 150 Jump Drive, 320 Maneuver Drive (2.00 / 5.75 Gs, 32,000
     stons thrust), 500 Fuel Tank, 10 Fuel Processor (6.3 hours to refine ),
Accommodations: 200 Stateroom, Operating Theater (2 Patients), Sickbay (3
     Patients), 3 Emergency Aid Station (6 Patients), 50 Low Berth (200
     Cryoberths), 2 Full Swimming Pool, 8 Gymnasium (32 Users),
     2 Logistics (12 Users), Conference Room (Used as a central meeting room,
     50 Users).
Misc: 6 Lab/TL.
Armaments: 1 Turret Battery of 18 (DR 250, 3xSand Caster [200], 3xSand
     Caster Full Load [x200]), 1 Turret Battery of 16 (DR 250, 3x405 Mj Std
     Laser[RoF Bonus +5]), 1 Turret Battery of 16 (DR 250, 3xLt Missile Rack
     [82], 3xLt Missile Turret Load [x82]).
     Weapon Name             Qty  Type   Acc SS  Dmg        RoF   1/2    Rng       Max
     Sand Caster [200]       54                                   (+0)
     405 Mj Std Laser        48   Imp    33  30  5dx100(2)  1/60  (+7)   26000/3   78100/8
     Lt Missile Rack [82]    48                                   (+0)   10,000,000/1000

Missiles/Probes                 Qty  DR   G-Rds   Exp Dmg    KK-Dmg     Size  AMod  PMod
Lt Missile Turret Load [x82]    48   120  10G-30  6dx80(10)  6dx100(5)  0      -8    -8

Stores: 4 Spacedock air/rafts (6xAir/raft), 240 Spacedock Cutters (3xModular
     Cutter, 2xSurvey Module, 2xScout Survey Base Module, Laboratory Module,
     Recovery Module), 20 Vehicle Bay Gig (20-ton Gig), 10 Vehicle Bay Launch
     (10-ton Launch), 10 Vehicle Bay Launch (10-ton Launch), 10 Vehicle Bay
     Launch (10-ton Launch), 10 Vehicle Bay Launch (10-ton Launch), 100 Vehicle
     Bay Scout Courier (100-ton Scout-Courier), 100 Vehicle Bay Scout-Courier
     (100-ton Scout-Courier), 40 Vehicle Bay Lifeboats (8x5-ton Lifeboat),
     1,387.5 Hold, 70 Spacedock Mobile Exploration Base (5xMobile Exploration
     Base), 30 Anti-blast Magazine (30xLt Missile Turret Load [x82], 0 dtons free
     for cargo).
Statistics: DMass 5,065.94 stons, EMass 5,565.94 stons, LMass 15,999.08
     stons, Base Cost MCr1,107.6, Load Cost MCr368.1, Total Cost MCr1,475.7, HP
     165,000, Damage Threshold 16,500, Size Mod +11, HT 12, 159.7 Man-Hours/day
Space Performance: Jump-2 (1), sAcc 0.87/2.00/5.75/6.32 Gs.
Air Performance: aSpeed 740 mph, Skimming aSpeed 13,212 mph, aLift 32,000 stons.
Sample Times : Orbit 0.11 Hrs, Escape Velocity 0.16 Hrs, 100D 4.51 Hrs,
     Earth-Mars 77.52 Hrs.