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 LSP Lifepod

The LSP Lifepod is one answer to the requirement that all Imperial ships built after 1120 have sufficient lifeboats to evacuate the passengers and crew. Naval and IISS vessels are exempt from this requirement. The 1.5 Kl of cargo is packed with survival equipment including clothing, shelter, food, water, tools and weapons. Although the pod is capable of ramming for fuel, it is not a recommended evolution. The Model 0/bis computer is programmed with several basic maneuvers, Orbit nearest planet, Land, etc.

Once inside the occupants need only pull a lever for the pod to seal and launch itself. It automatically moves away from the parent vessel, stopping at a distance of 50,000 Km and activating a distress beacon. If near a planet, it automatically orbits.

As it is not intended to redock it only requires 3 dtons volume on the parent ship

Craft ID
LSP Lifepod, TL 13, 2.252 Mcr, Quantity discount 1.802 MCr
3/7, Disp=3, Config=3Sl, Armor=40F, Loaded=50.77, Unloaded=48.186
Primary 0/0, Fusion=5.1 Mw, Duration=75 days, Scoops ExtEnd excludes: (1g), Weapons=77 days
0/0 Maneuver(AntiGrav)=1G, Agility=0
Radio=System x 1
A-EMS (FrOb) x 1; Sensor scans: AOS=R AOP=R POS=- POP=- PES=- PEP=-
1 Hardpoints, 0 Occupied, Batteries Bearing 100%; Def: Def DM= 2
Computer=Model 0/bis x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x 7,
Crew=1 ( Bridge=1 ), Seats, Cramped x 8, Env=basic env, basic ls, extended ls, Airlocks x 1
Cargo=1.5 Kl/0.1 tons, EMLevel=Faint, Fuel=15 Kl/1 tons, ObjSize=small, Ram time= 1.9 hours