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F21-2 and F21-1 Light Transports

This ship design is a brutally optimized effort to manipulate the fixed rates for passenger and freight traffic. By using small staterooms for middle passage, the gross income is just under Cr4000 per displacement ton of passenger space. Even subtracting the Cr2000 for life support, plus the requirement for galley, food storage, and baggage space, that still leaves nearly Cr3000 per dton. This is 50% greater than the default value for speculative trade. Additionally, since staterooms require much less mass per dton, the F21-2 requires smaller thruster and CG drives than most ships of its size. Smaller maneuver drives allow a smaller power plant, both of which allow for a less-expensive vessel. These factors make the F21-2 profitable, using standard T4 assumptions, even when operated at only 50% capacity. At 80% capacity, the F21-2 can make an annual profit sufficient to pay off the down payment in approximately two standard years.

By concentrating on the middle passage traffic, a line operating these ships can fill a market niche similar to coach-only airlines on modern Terra. While passengers travel in less comfort than high passage allows, middle passengers have two incentives to travel on such ships: while the stateroom is small, it is private; and there is no possibility of a high passenger bumping a middle passenger off the manifest at the last minute.

Based on the proven technologies of the F21-2, the F21-1 boasts nearly a 10 dton increase in cargo capacity, at the expense of having only Jump-1 capability. At only MCr 15.758 for the prototype, the F21-1 is less expensive than the Jump-2 F21-2 by over MCr 2. Volume purchases would, of course, reduce the price accordingly.

Physical Configuration
Tons: 100 std (SL Short Rounded Cylinder Hypersonic)
Dimensions: 19.8 m x 9.9 m x 9.9 m
Volume: 1400 m3
Cargo: 11.32 std (1 hatches, Hdl: 1 x 5 t) [F21-1: 21.9 std (1 hatches, Hdl: 1 x 5 t)]
Mass (L/C): 420 t / 242 t [F21-1: 530 t / 231 t]
Maintenance Points: 8
Passengers High/Med: 0/21
Crew: 2 / 3
Frozen Watch: 0
Cost: 17.837 MCr (Cost Multiplier .9 due to mass production) [F21-1: 15.758 MCr (Cost Multiplier 1; prototype variant of F21-2)]
Tech Level: 15
Size: 8
Controls: Holographic, Standard automation. 3 x Comp (CM: .6 CP: 1.67). Terrain following sensors (TF:570, NOE:190). No bridge.
Communications: 1 x Radio (500 kkm, 0.17 MW). 1 x Laser (1,000 AU, 0 MW).
Sensors: 1xPEMS (12.5 [1.6 mkm], 0 MW). 1xAEMS (11 [.16 mkm] LP, .05 MW). Survey/Science: None
ECM: None
Signatures: Vis:-1, IR: -0.5 (-0.5 at 54 MW, -1 at 5 MW), Act:0, Neu:-1, Grav:-1
2 Jump (10 std/pc fuel) [F21-1: 1 Jump (10 std/pc fuel)]
1 / 1.7 Maneuver (Thruster: 10 MW) [F21-1: 1 / 2.4 Maneuver (Thruster: 13 MW)]
1 / 1.7 Contra-grav (7 MW) [F21-1: 1 / 2.4 Contra-grav (9 MW)]
1915 kph/3200 kph Atmosphere Maximum [F21-1: 1912 kph/3764 kph Atmosphere Maximum]
1436 kph/2400 kph Atmosphere Cruise [F21-1: 1434 kph/2823 kph Atmosphere Cruise]
1 Power (Fusion: 54.46 MW,1yr) [F21-1: 1 Power (Fusion: 27 MW,1yr)]
0 Battery
20.4 Fuel (Scoop:5 / No purif) [F21-1: 10.2 Fuel (Scoop:3 / No purif)]
24/0/0/6 Accomodations (SmStRoom/LargeStRoom/Low Berth/Emgy Low Berth)
96 Life Sup. (Type:Standard, Normal Food/Storage)
1 G-Comp
0 [20] Armor, 8 Structure
Weapons (300,000km range bands)
1 x Airlock
1 x Ship's locker (.05 std ea.)
1 x Armory (.11 std ea.)
1 x Ordinary Galley (Cap: 24 each)
Small Craft
Drives: None
Screens: None
Communications: None [F21-1: 1 x Radio (500 kkm)]
Sensors: None
ECM: None
Power & Fuel: None
Crew Breakdown
2 x Maneuver.
1 x Medical.

Further information on this ship may be found at the AuricTech Shipyards.