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Chrysanthemum-class Yacht


Tons: 200std ( SL Short Rnd Cylinder Hypersonic )
Dimensions: 25m x 12.4m x 12.4m
Volume: 2800m3
Mass (L/C): 1010t/831t
Maintenance Points: 30
Crew: 2/6
Passengers High/Med: 6/0
Cargo: 7 std (1 Small cargo door)
Cost: 145.48 MCr (Cost multiplier 1.2 for luxury yacht)
Tech Level: 15
Size: 8


Controls: Holographic, High automation. 3xFltComp (CM:0.35 CP:2.86). >3xFibComp (CM:0.35 CP:2.86). Terrain following sensors (TF:570, NOE:190). No bridge.
Communications: 2xRadio (1,000AU, 0.2MW). 4xLaser (1,000AU, 0MW).
Sensors: 1xPEMS (13.5 [16mkm], 0.01MW). 1xAEMS (11.5 [.5mkm], 1MW). 1xLIDAR (14.5 [500kkm], >0.5MW).
Survey/Science: None
ECM: None
Signatures: Vis:-0.5, IR:-0.5 (-1 at 82MW, -1 at 22MW), Act:0, Neu:-1, Grav:0 [Chameleon coating, One level Stealth, Basic IR Masking, Neutrino Masking]


1 x Quad-Mount 15Mj X-ray Laser with Master Fire Director (+6) 1/4-4-4-4 >[4,800/10-10-10-10] (LR)


4 Jump (20std/pc fuel)
2/2.4 G Maneuver (/Thruster:49MW)
1/1.2 G Contra-grav (16MW)
3490 kph/3666kph Atmosphere (/Crus:2618kph/2750kph)
2 Power (Fusion:210MW,1yr )
0 Battery
81.6 Fuel (/Scoop:3 hours /Purif:34.3 hours,1MW)
6/9/3 Accomodations (Small Stateroom/Large Stateroom/Emergency Low Berth)
144 Life Support (Extended, Excellent Food/Storage) [12 weeks Excellent rations for 12 persons, plus 6 weeks standard Imperial Emergency rations for 12 persons]
2 G-Comp
1 Sandcasters ( /AV:97 /Cans:20)
10 [29] Armor, 12 Structure


2 x Airlock
1 x Docking Umbilical
2 x Ship's locker (0.1std ea.)
1 x Armory (Cap:12, .43 std)
1 x Full Galley (Cap:20)
1 x Lounge (6 std)
1 x Gym (2.5 std)
1 x Common-area Fresher (in addition to those in staterooms)

Small Craft



Drives: None
Screens: None
Communications: None
Sensors: 1xPEMS (13 [5mkm]). 1xAEMS (11 [.16mkm]). 1xLIDAR (14.5 [500kkm]).
Power & Fuel: Fusion: 10MW. 1 dton extra LHyd fuel (sufficient for 14 standard years operation of backup Fusion power plant).

Crew Details

2xManeuver. 1xGunner. 1xScreen. 1xSteward. 1xMedical.

Design Notes

The Chrysanthemum-class yacht is designed to enable busy executives and nobles to travel rapidly across their areas of responsibility. To meet this requirement, Chrysanthemum mounts powerful J4 drives, allowing the ship to traverse an entire subsector in one month or less.  Further, her Admiral Electric maneuver drives propel Chrysanthemum through normal space at accelerations of up to 2G while fully loaded, while a full 1G of contra-grav (also built by Admiral Electric) enables Chrysanthemum to maneuver and land on planetary surfaces with pinpoint precision. Chrysanthemum's Hypersonic streamlined hull and integral Hieronymous fuel processing plant enable her to strike out across the Imperium without concern for locally-purchased refined fuel. Bear in mind that typical yachts of this size are entirely incapable of either making planetfall or obtaining and refining their own fuel.

Although Chrysanthemum lacks the individual Large crew staterooms with which her larger Emerald-class and Electra-III-class sisters are equipped, Chrysanthemum's crew accommodations are nevertheless luxurious. Even the most junior crewmembers of a Chrysanthemum-class yacht enjoy the privacy of an individual Small stateroom; while small, these staterooms are furnished to the same luxurious standards as the passenger staterooms. The senior pilot (serving as captain) enjoys both a Large stateroom and an adjoining Small stateroom which generally serves as an office. The other eight Large staterooms can be arranged to meet the needs of the individual owner; typically three staterooms are allocated to the owner (two as a residential suite and the third as an office) and the remaining five Large staterooms are available for associates of the owner. As with all AuricTech yachts, decor may be customized to suit; AuricTech has understandings with several noted firms in this area, including Gambini Brothers (holomeshing and interior design), Porter & Streetman Associates (auctioneers of exquisite antiques) and Uminarga Lumber (growers of exceptionally beautiful hellboria wood for both paneling and furniture).

The Chrysanthemum-class sports a wide range of amenities for the discerning executive and noble. Chrysanthemum comes equipped with Full galley facilities, allowing the preparation of spectacular meals for both passengers and crew. Passengers can dine and relax in comfort in the spacious lounge (typically the lounge is made available to the crew during the sleep cycle for the passengers). Neither the passengers nor the crew need fear the combined effects of inactivity and exquisite cuisine; Chrysanthemum is fitted with a Gym facility capable of accommodating four sophonts at one time. Adjacent to both the Gym and the lounge is an additional 'fresher, for the convenience of all aboard.

As with all AuricTech yacht designs, safety is a paramount design factor in the Chrysanthemum-class yacht. Critical systems such as sensors, computers and power all have backups in the event of mechanical failure. Chrysanthemum is further designed to minimize the risk of encounters with the ethically challenged; between her incorporation of low-observability technologies, armored hull, dual-function point defense laser mount, sandcaster mount and radiation-resistant fiber-optic computer systems, Chrysanthemum is far better suited to surviving hostile encounters than other yachts of her size. Should the worst happen, Chrysanthemum is equipped with sufficient emergency low berth space for all sophonts aboard. Meanwhile, her auxiliary fusion plant includes a 14-year supply of fuel, well-protected from surface damage.

Just how confident is AuricTech in the design of the Chrysanthemum-class yacht? Every AuricTech district manager in the Spinward Marches is provided a Chrysanthemum for personal and business use. Our district managers are under standing orders to allow prospective clients to tour these yachts, that they may see for themselves the painstaking attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to quality that go into the construction of every AuricTech ship.

Author's Notes:

The following firms mentioned above are detailed in the BITS supplement 101 Corporations:

For anyone interested in using this ship as a Ship Patron in a GT campaign, the base cost (before any limitations come into play) is 51 points: 10 points for baseline, +15 for J4 fuel, +12 for J4 drive, +2.5 for 2G, +2 for fuel scoops, +5 for quad-mount laser turret, +2.5 for sandcaster turret and +2 for cargo spaces.