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Magellan-class Scout/Courier

The first official act of the IISS was to issue a Call For Bids to augment and replace aging SFSS Type S Scout/Couriers. Due to the size of the contract, no one shipyard or company could handle the whole contract. Therefore the initial contract was divided between several shipyards and design firms. The majority of the contract went to shipyards that would build new Type S Scouts. But some of the contract went to firms which designed/built varients. As an example, CRH Industries recieved a 5% share of the initial 5 year contract for the following design.

Magellan, Magellan-class Scout (FF&S v2)
Designed by CRH Engineering
Prime Contractor: CRH shipyards (Div of CRH Industries, LIC)
Secondary Contractor: Raagamarmuus Vehicles, Shipyard #2 (Div of CRH Industries, LIC)


Tons: 100std ( AF Wedge Hypersonic )
Volume: 1400m3
Mass (L/C): 1276t/1217t
Dimensions: 37.5m x 31.3m x 5.5m
Size: 8
Crew: 2/3
Passengers High/Med: 0/0
Passengers Low: 0
Troops/Science: 0/1
Frozen Watch: 0
Cargo: 3.4std (0/00)
Cost: 238.832 MCr (20% qty discount)
Maintenance Points: 46
Tech Level: 12


Controls: Dynamic, High automation. 3xComp (CM:0.45 CP:2.22). Terrain-following sensors (TF:480, NOE:160). No bridge.
Communications: 1xRadio (50,000km, 0.02MW). 1xLaser (1,000AU, 0MW).
Sensors: 1xPEMS (12.5 [1.6mkm]Sci, 0MW). 1xAEMS (8Sci, 0.03MW).
Survey/Science: 1xDensiometer (7 [5km]Sci Fld). 1xNeutrino (8 [50km]Sci, 1MW).
ECM: Signatures: Vis:-0.5, IR:0 (0 at 120MW, -0.5 at 13MW), Act:0, Neu:0, Grav:0


2 Jump (10std/pc fuel)
1/1 Maneuver (/HEPlaR:63MW,8.8 G-hours 1/1 /Thruster:32MW)
1/1 Contra-grav (21MW)
2414kph/2523kph Atmosphere (/Crus:1817kph/1904kph)
3 Power (/Fus:130MW,1yr )
0 Battery
31.4 Fuel (/Scoop:8 /Purif:14,1MW)
0/0/4/0/0 Accomodations
104 Life Sup. (/Ty:Ex,Nm /'St)
1 G-Comp
0 Sandcasters
0 Damper Turrets
0 Damper Screen
0 Meson Screen
0 Force Field
0 Gravtics
10 [30] Armor, 11 Structure


1xTurret (+0) 1/1-0-0-0 [1,50/21-11-5-3] (LR)


.5xElectronic Shop (6std ea.)
.5xMachine Shop (10std ea.)
.5xGym (2.5std ea.)
1xFull Galley (Cap:8)

Small Craft

1xMinHgr (4std, 1 hatches)


Communications: 2xRadio (500,000km). 3xLaser (1,000AU).
Sensors: 2xSci Fld PEMS (13.5 [16mkm] Sci Fld). 2xSci Fld AEMS (11 [.16mkm] Sci Fld).
Power & Fuel:

Crew Details

2xMnvr. 1xGunn.

Note: this ship uses the unofficial fuel in waste space rule.

In compliance with IISS requirements for a versatile Scout/Courier. This design incorporates both thruster and HEPLAR propulsion. Thruster is a fuel economic drive but is limited to inner system. In layman's terms, 2000 solar radii seems to be the limit of effectiveness (T4, Book2, pg71). If any ship were to exceed this limit it would be a scout ship, therefore, we include the HEPLAR drive for out system maneuver capability. Combined this ship can maintain 2 Gs acceleration for nearly 9 hours and 1 G indefinitely (limited by power plant fuel). The hull structure is designed to withstand 3 Gs in the thrust axis and 6 Gs in a landed gravitational axis or aerodynamic loading. The airframe configuration and control surfaces allow the ship to land as a glider (actually like a directed rock such as the US shuttle) even if unpowered. ContraGravity lifters allow for completely controlled landings required by busy starports.

Berthing for the IISS requirements for minimum crew of 1 and maximum crew of 8 are handled with 4 large staterooms with an extra fold down bunk in each. To help the crew on long voyages, a full galley with food storage (normal quality) for 6 months for 4 people, 4 acceleration seats which double as galley seating, and a "Workout Master 101" collapsible exercise machine are installed making for a spacious common area.

IISS specs called for dual sensor/communications packages, a low cost civilian suite and a dismountable science suite. The science sensor package includes: 2 folding science grade 16Mkm PEMS, 2 folding science grade .16Mkm Aems, 1 retractable science grade densitometer, 1 science grade neutrino sensor, 2 500Mm radios, and 3 1000AU laser comms. The contract included purchases of models without the dismountable science suite for courier duties. Models with the science sensors will also have these removed for detached duty. (for info on the model without the science sensor see (http://home1.gte.net/res04u7k/Traveller/ship.html) or use standard Type S stats from your favorite version.

CRH Industries: Producing the heavy equipment that keeps industry running.