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Reuben Tucker-class Imperial Platoon Transport

The Reuben Tucker class platoon transport is designed to fill the role of a long-range (Jump-4) transport, capable of inserting a jump troop platoon behind enemy lines, with the ability to retrieve the platoon upon mission completion. While the Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser (of equal size) can move more personnel, and is more heavily armed, the Reuben Tucker class transport has several advantages over the Broadsword class: longer range (J4 versus J3); better normal-space performance (3.5G versus 2G); the ability to insert troops by meteoric assault; and a larger cargo hold (29.7 dtons versus 23.6 dtons, although this advantage is largely countered by the need to hold at least one additional set of jump capsules). In addition, by resisting the temptation of replacing crewmembers with machines, and reinforcing the ship's structure to a standard of 4G, the Reuben Tucker class can withstand more damage than a Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser.

Since a detached platoon may spend several jumps in transit before reaching the objective, the Reuben Tucker class transport provides sufficient living space to avoid overcrowding. Every crewmember, and every jump trooper, has an individual small stateroom. The skipper and the platoon leader, as the respective commanding officers, each have a large stateroom. The Reuben Tucker class carries rations sufficient for 8 weeks of operations, without resorting to emergency rations.

By restricting the technology of the Reuben Tucker class to TL-13, AuricTech Shipyards has combined operational flexibility with maximum maintainability under austere conditions.

Physical Configuration
Tons: 800 std (SL Medium Rounded Cylinder Hypersonic)
Dimensions: 56.9 m x 16.4 m x 16.4 m
Volume: 11200 m3
Cargo: 29.7 std (1 hatches, Hdl: 1 x 5 t)
Mass (L/C): 8667 t / 7931 t
Maintenance Points: 268
Passengers High/Med: 0/0
Crew: 16 / 22
Frozen Watch: 0
Cost: 813.3 MCr
Tech Level: 13
Size: 8
Controls: Holographic, Standard automation. 3 xFibComp (CM: 0.3 CP: 3.33). Terrain following sensors (TF:510, NOE:170). Bridge.
Communications: 3 x Radio (1,000AU, 0.2MW). 3 x Laser (1,000AU, 0MW).
Sensors: 1xPEMS (13.5 [16 mkm], 0.01 MW). 1xAEMS (11.5 [.5 mkm] LP, 1.25 MW). 2 xLIDAR (14.5 [500 kkm], 0.6 MW).
Survey/Science: None
ECM: 1xRadio Jammer (1,000AU, 0.4MW). 1xDecp. Jammer (11, .31MW). 1xPas. Jammer (14, .13 MW).
Signatures: Vis:-1, IR: -1 (-1 at 819 MW, -1.5 at 90 MW), Act:0, Neu:-1, Grav:1
4 Jump (80 std/pc fuel)
3.5 / 3.8 Maneuver (Thruster: 748 MW)
No Contra-grav
4157 kph/4333 kph Atmosphere Maximum
3118 kph/3250 kph Atmosphere Cruise
2 Power (Fusion: 903 MW,1yr)
0 Battery
326.5 Fuel (Scoop:5 /Purif:39 hrs)
48/2/0/13 Accomodations (SmStRoom/LargeStRoom/Low Berth/Emgy Low Berth)
400 Life Sup. (Type:Extended,Good Food/Storage)
3 G-Comp
2 Sandcasters (AV: 50 / Cans: 35)
20 [58] Armor, 18 Structure
Weapons (300,000km range bands)
1 x 149-Mj Laser Turret (+4) 1/2-2-2-2 [4,400/31-31-31-31] 200 rof (PD rof: 800)
1x Missile Turret Can 20/5 (Mag:16 /MFD:500,000km) w/36 Command DetLaser1d6/2 6.0G12 1000AU
8 x Airlock
0x Decontamination Airlock
1 x Sickbay (8std ea.)
1x Ship's locker (.4 std ea.)
1 x Armory (1.79 std ea.)
1 x Gym (2.5 std ea.)
1 x Ordinary Galley (Cap: 50 each)
2 x Cap Launcher (15 rdy cap ea)
Small Craft
1 x Docking Ring (50std)
Drives: None
Screens: None
Communications: None
Sensors: None
ECM: None
Power & Fuel: None
Crew Breakdown
3 x Maneuver.
1 x Electronic.
8 x Engineering.
1 x Maintenance.
2 x Gunnery.
1 x Screen.
2 x Flight.
0 x Ship Troops.
3 x Command.
1 x Medical.
28 x Jump Troops

Further information on this ship may be found at the AuricTech Shipyards.