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Safe-T-Pod-class 3 Ton Lifeboat

Since many standard hulls come with hardpoint capable of taking standard 3 DT turrets, it seems only reasonable that there would exist a number of 3DT lifeboats designed to fit in turret sockets.

Many ship owners worry about pirates and external attack and spend many megacredits purchasing expensive and largely unnecessary weaponry. However, far too few travelers worry about the possibility of critical mechanical failures before they happen.

Why risk you and your passengers dying with your ship, when for less than a megacredit you can guarantee your safety with the reliable Safe-T-Pod turret socket lifeboat. Capable of making planetary landing and carrying up to six people to safety - you have to ask yourself if you are willing to make this investment in your safety.

Tons: 3std (SL Short Cylinder Simple) Crew: 2/2 Cargo: 0.1 std (0/00)
Volume: 42m3 Passengers High/Med: 0/0
Cost: 0.995 MCr
Mass (L/C): 18t/18t Passengers Low: 4 (ELB)
Maintenance Points: 0
Dimensions: 3.7m x 3.7m x 3.7m
Troops/Science: 0/0 Tech Level: 15
Size: 6 Frozen Watch: 0

Controls: Holographic, High automation. 3xComp (CM:1.0 CP:1.0). No bridge.
Communications: 1xRadio (50,000km, 0.02 MW).
1xLaser (1,000AU, 0 MW).
Sensors: 1xPEMS (12.5 [1.6mkm], 0 MW).
Signatures: Vis:-1.5, IR:-1 (-1 at 1 MW, -2 at 0MW), Act:0, Neu:-1, Grav:-2

0 Jump
1.1/1.1 Maneuver (/HEPlaR:1 MW, 4.4 G-hours)
1.1/1.2 Contra-grav (0.36 MW)
320kph/320kph Atmosphere (/Crus:240kph/240kph)
1 Power (/Fus:1.4 MW,1yr )
0 Battery
0.14 m^3 Fusion Fuel
1 m^3 HEPlaR reaction mass
0/0/0/0/1 Accommodations
2 Adequate Seats (one for the pilot, one for the co-pilot/medic) if lifeboat workstations can be made half size (3.5 m^3). If not then replace this with a single 7 m^3 workstation

1 Emergency Low Berth (holds 4 occupants)
0.1 m^3 cargo bay for various emergency supplies
6 Life Sup. (/Ty:St,Nm /'St)
2 G-Comp
0 Sandcasters
0 Damper Turrets
0 Damper Screen
0 Meson Screen
0 Force Field
0 Gravtics
10 [29] Armor, 0 Structure
1x 3 m^3 Airlock
1x Ship's locker (0.02 m^3)