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Tuscaloosa-class Heavy Cruiser

Physical Configuration
Tons: 70000std (SL Wedge Hypersonic)
Dimensions: 310.6m x 213.2m x 88.7m
Volume: 98000m3
Cargo: 800std (8 hatches, Hdl: 8x40t/Ar: 10 [29])
Mass (L/C): 1,093,114t/1,052,339t
Maintenance Points: 28308
Passengers High/Med: 0/0
Crew: 1251/1551
Frozen Watch: 199
Cost: 90,866.758 MCr
Tech Level: 15
Size: 10
Electronics (Ar: 10 [29])
Controls: Holographic, Standard automation. 5xFibComp (CM:0.2 CP:5.0). Terrain following sensors (TF:570, NOE:190). Bridge.
Communications: 4xRadio (1,000AU, 0.2MW). 8xLaser (1,000AU, 0MW).
Sensors: 1xPEMS (14.5 [160mkm], 0.5MW). 1xAEMS (12.5 [5mkm] LP, 50MW). 4xLIDAR (15 [2mkm], 2.5MW).
Survey/Science: 1xDensitometer (9 [500km]). 1xNeutrino (8.5 [160km], 2MW).
ECM: 1xRadio Jammer (1,000AU, 0.4MW). 1xArea. Jammer (12, 625MW). 1xDecp. Jammer (13, 12.5MW). 1xPas. Jammer (16, 6.25MW).
Signatures: Vis:-1, IR:0.5 (0.5 at 187732MW, 0 at 22100MW), Act:0, Neu:1, Grav:2
Jump 4 (7000std/pc fuel/Ar: 20 [60])
Maneuver 6/6.2 (Thruster:162,607MW/Ar: 20 [60])
Contra-grav 1/1 (17693MW/Ar: 20 [60])
Atmosphere Maximum 5000kph/5000kph
Atmosphere Cruise 3750kph/3750kph
Power 6 (Fusion:2221000MW,1yr)
Battery 0
Fuel 29621.4 (Scoop:5 /Purif:24hrs /Ar: 10 [29])
Accomodations 1580/20/207/400 (SmStRoom/LargeStRoom/Low Berth/Emgy Low Berth)
Life Sup. 41600 (Type:Extended,Good Food/Storage)
G-Comp 6
Damper Turrets 16 (3MW /Rng:30000km /Ar: 10 [29])
Damper Screen 300 (30MW /Ar: 10 [29])
Meson Screen 664 (275.56MW /Ar: 10 [29])
Armor 120 [1430], Structure 59
Weapons (300,000km range bands)
1x 22.5k-Mj Spinal PA (+6) 2/15-15-15-15 [2,200/1065-1065-1065-1065] 400rof Ar: 30 [115]
8x 568-Mj Laser Bay (+6) 1/6-6-6-6 [2,200/60-60-60-60] 200rof
32x 250-Mj Laser Turret (+6) 1/4-4-4-4 [2,100/40-40-40-40] 100rof
24x Missile Bay Auto 4/4 (Mag:76 /MFD:500,000km) w/80 Command DetLaser1d6/2 6.0G12 1000AU
Features (all Ar: 10 [29])
700x Airlock
0x Decontamination Airlock
1x Docking Umbilical
2x Electronic Shop (6std ea.)
25x Machine Shop (10std ea.)
12x Sickbay (8std ea.)
1x Ship's locker (35std ea.)
4x Prisoner Capacity (2 Medium, 2 High Security)
80x Armory (.71std ea.)
16x Gym (2.5std ea.)
5x Ordinary Galley (Cap: 60 each)
10x Full Galley (Cap:160 each)
4x Crew Lounge (105std ea.)
1x Combat Information Center (120std ea.)
Small Craft (all facilities Ar: 10 [29])
16xMinHgr (10std, 2 hatches) Light fighters
6xMinHgr (50std, 6 hatches) Modular cutters
1x Launch Tube (10std)
Drives: None
Screens: 1xMeson Screen (PV:160). 1xDamper Screen (PV:160).
Communications: None
Sensors: 2xPEMS (14 [50mkm]). 2xAEMS (12.5 [5mkm]).
ECM: None
Power & Fuel: None
Crew Breakdown
9x Maneuver.
1x Electronic.
961x Engineering.
69x Maintenance.
95x Gunnery.
20x Screen.
52x Flight.
60x Troops.
51x Stewards.

Further information on this ship may be found at the AuricTech Shipyards.