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Condor-class System Defense Boat


The Condor SDB is an advanced craft manufactured by a number of different builders. It is most famous for its luxurious crew accommodations, with a single small stateroom for each crewmember. But she is no excursion craft, as she carries a wallop: a primary armament consisting of a 900 MJ Spinal NPAW backed by a brace of 220 MJ double laser barbettes and a single missle barbette. Armor is mediocre, and her endurance suffers from the emphasis upon crew comfort. No small craft is carried, and the ship is mostly limited to exoatmospheric operations. Her primary assignments emphasize short range or static defensive operations, such as gas giant patrol or fast responder interception roles.

It is primarily found in regions Behind the Claw, and among the planetary navies of the Regency of Deneb and a half dozen other nationalities. Outside of the Spinward States, the class was also a common sight within the rimward border regions of the former Third Imperium, particularly with the Aslan Hierate, and less commonly with the Solomani. About one hundred of these ships operate with Regency world forces, and sixty more defend important RQS installations in the Frontier. During the Fifth Frontier War, Condors operating in the Efate system (SM 1705) challenged Zhodani Stedlas-class SDBs protecting the shipping supplying the Consulate siege forces, creating a romantic mystique unusual for so utilitarian of a craft.

Note: The Condor was originally designed for Adventure Ships 1 by J. Andrew Keith. Stats from that book were provided courtesy of Richard Perks.

General Data
Displacement: 500 Hull Armor: 140
Length: 72 meters Volume: 7,000 cubic meters
Price: MCr 295.34 Target Size: S
Configuration: Needle SL Tech Level: F (15)
Mass (L/E): 7,000.901 tons/6,105.82 tons
Power Plant: TL-15 1776 MW Fusion (One Year Duration) (300 MW/Hit)
G-Rating: 6G Heplar (250 MW/G), CG Lifters (Hi-Eff, 50 MW)
G-Turns: 78 (31.25 m3 each)
Fuel Tankage: 2437.5 m3+177.6 m3 for power plant
Maint: 155
Computer: 2xTL-15Fb (1.1 MW)
Commo: 2x1000 AU Radio (20 MW), 2x1000 AU Maser (0.6 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, Grav/Inertial Positioning
Sensors: PEMS 150,000 km Fixed Array (Range:5, 0.15 MW), 210,000 km
Folding Array (Range:7, 0.25 MW), AEMS 2x420,000 km (Range:14, 23 MW),
Ladar 4x300,000 km (Range:10, 0.6 MW)
Workstations: 7 Bridge plus 16 Normal
900 MJ Spinal NPAW (Loc:1, Arcs:1, 1 Crew, 25 MW)
8x220 MJ Lasers in 4 Remote Double Barbettes(Loc:6-9, Arcs:All, 6.11 MW) arranged as two batteries,
1xMissle Barbette (Loc:10, Arcs:All, 5 Ready Missles, 0.15 MW) operated as a single battery
Weapon Performance
900 MJ NPAW 10:150 20:150 40:150 80:148
220 MJ LB 9:1/12-37 18:1/12-37 36:1/12-37 72:1/6-20
Fire Control
3xTL-15 msl/bm MFD (Range:10, -6 DMs, 1 Crew, 0.06 MW)
Life Support: Extended (1.4 MW), AG/GC (6G, 35 MW)
Crew: 25 (1 Maneuver, 3 Electronics, 4 Gunnery, 12 Engineering, 1
Maintenance, 3 Command)
Crew Accomodations: 25 Small Staterooms (Single Occupancy)
Airlocks: 5
Cargo: 572.024 m3 plus 52 missles, 2 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Other Fittings: None
Features: Fuel Scoops (10%, 0.87 hours)
14.575 MW Surplus

System Damage Tables

PP: 6H LS: 23H SSR: 2h NPAW: 8H EMM: 1H
MD: 2H ELS: 11H MFD: 2h LB: 2H EMMR: (7h)
CG: 1H AG: 1H PEMS: 1H MB: 1H  

Damage Location Table

Location Surface Internal
1 Ant 1-7: NPAW, 8-19: Elec, 20: Qtrs
2-3 1-15: Ant, 16: AL 1-4: NPAW, 5-8: Elec, 9-20: Qtrs
4-5 Ant 1-18: Qtrs, 19-20: Hold
6-7 1-10: Ant 1-4: NPAW, 5-20: Hold
8-9 1-10: Fuel Scoops 1-5: LB, 6-20: Hold
10 Fuel Scoops 1-5: MB, 6-9: NPAW, 10-20: Hold
11 1-4: CH Hold
12-13   1-3: NPAW, 4-20: Hold
14-15 1-4: CH Hold
16-17   1-3: NPAW, 4-9: Eng, 10-20: Hold
18-19   1-6: Eng, 7-20: Hold
20 1-13: EMMR 1-5: Elec, 6-15: Eng, 16-20: Hold