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Alistair Plankwell (“Kid Vicious”) Cantor

This article originally appeared in the pre-magazine Freelance Traveller website in 2004, and was reprinted n the July/August 2018 issue

Alistair Plankwell Cantor 9568C9 Age 22 Cr0
1 Term Navy (Lieutenant)
Shotgun - 1, Engineering - 1, Admin - 1
Possessions: Blade

Young Alistair, a scion of the social climbing Cantor family lately of the planet Mertactor/District 268 was pushed to join the Navy by his parents with the idea that great rank would lead inevitably to advancement in the circles of high society. At first the plan seemed to be working as he received the Emperor’s commission and began what seemed to be an illustrious career in engineering. His diligent attention to duty and continual studying should have led to his advancement up the rungs of power from lowly technician to Chief Engineer to the con and then in due time to the flag bridge. Alas, a tiny incident toward the end of his first and only term of service marred his otherwise spotless record.

While serving aboard a Gionetti-class cruiser engaged in piracy suppression, Alistair was to earn a good deal of notoriety for singlehandedly repelling a boarding attempt by pirates of the most ruthless sort. Knocked unconscious by the breaching charges the corsairs used to gain entrance to the engineering decks and left for dead, Ali took up the nearest weapon to hand—a shotgun from the corpse of one of the raiders—and went hunting for brigands in the labyrinths of the ship’s access-ways. He accounted for 18 of 31 of the pirates but also in the heat of battle killed 3 of his fellow Spacers including 2 superior officers. Perhaps most damaging to his career, though, was when he led the boarding party that went to the pirates’ ship: among the casualties was the recently missing daughter of a minor Marquis. That the daughter might have been one of the pirates was not enough of an excuse.

This action earned Ensign Cantor a promotion for bravery, a finely crafted blade inscribed with the motto “Never Surrender” (presented by a cabal of the other ranks willing to overlook the death of a hapless able spaceman in light of the destruction of the boarding party and the pragmatic removal of two disliked martinets), the nickname “Kid Vicious” given partly in respect but mostly in fear of what most believe to have been a psychotic (if fortuitous) rage, and an honorable discharge from the navy.

Lieutenant Alistair "Kid Vicious" Plankwell mustered out broke and is now looking for employment. Perhaps in the engineering compartment of a tramp trader.