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Columbia-class Heavy Battleship/Mobile Base


The Columbia-class heavy battleship is intended to function not only as a capital ship in the battle line, but as a mobile base, and even alone as a means of "showing the flag," a mission that they serve far more often than major combat.

As a capital ship, the Columbia class can simultaneously fulfill six war-fighting requirements: flagship for embarked planetary assault squadron, flag or general officer staff; fighter carrier, with a 150+ craft complement including fighter/attack craft, reconnaisance fighters, heavy lift shuttles, and other support craft; planetary assault launching platform, employing a variety of surface assault craft including the Navy's newest Landing Craft Utility (LCU), and other planetary assault vehicles; hospital ship, equivalent to the nation's finest local hospitals with 17 ICU beds, 4 operating rooms, 300 beds, a blood bank, full dental facilities, and orthopedics, trauma, general surgery, and x- ray capabilities; command and control (C4I) ship, with the Navy's most sophisticated communications capability; and assault provisions carrier able to sustain embarked forces with fuel, ammunition and other supplies.

The ship carries a complete expeditionary unit of Imperial Marines and their vehicles, as well as six fighter squadrons of 25 fighters each. A small complement of support vessels is also aboard.

The ship has additional cargo space of 5985 tons, with three 100 ton bays serving as access ports to the main cargo bay.

The ship has six launch tubes for craft 30 tons and smaller, and has two launch tubes for 100 ton craft.

         CX-Y4428J4-A09900-099T9-6 MCr 731,903.606 1 MTons
Bat Bear                    XW1W   Crew: 9446
Bat                         ZY1Y   TL: 15

Cargo: 5,985.500
Passengers: 30
Frozen Watch
Fuel: 480,000.000
EP: 80,000.000
Agility: 2
Shipboard Security Detail: 1000
Marines: 1500

150 x 30T Fighter,
24 x 95T Shuttle,
24 x 95T Recce,
150 x 20T Assault Craft,
6 30T Launch Tubes,
2 100T Launch Tubes

Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

2 x Model/9fib Computers
2 x Bridges
2 x Factor 9 Nuclear Dampers
2 x Factor 9 Meson Screens

Architects Fee: MCr 7,319.036 Cost in Quantity: MCr 585,522.885

1,000,000.000 tons standard (14,000,000.000 cubic meters) Close Structure Configuration
626 Officers, 7170 Ratings, 150 Pilots, 1500 Marines
Jump-4, 2G Manuever, Power plant-8, 80,000.000 EP, Agility 2
Bridge, Model/9fib Computer
2 Backup Bridges, 2 Model/9fib Backup Computers
Spinal Mount, 803 100-ton bays, 1900 Hardpoints
Meson Gun Spinal Mount (Factor-T), 400 100-ton Particle Accelerator Bays (Factor-9), 400 100-ton Missile Bays (Factor-9), 1900 Dual Fusion Gun Turrets organised into 190 Batteries (Factor-9)
Nuclear Damper (Factor-9), Meson Screen (Factor-9), Armoured Hull (Factor-10) 2 Nuclear Damper Backups (Factor-9), 2 Meson Screen Backups (Factor-9)
150 30.000 ton Fighters, 24 95.000 ton Shuttles, 24 95.000 ton Recces, 150 20.000 ton Assault Craft, 6 Launch Tubes for 30t craft, 2 Launch Tubes for 100 ton craft
480,000.000 Tons Fuel (4 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance), On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant
9,479.0 Staterooms, 4725 Low Berths, 10 High Passengers, 20 Middle Passengers, 5,985.500 Tons Cargo
MCr 739,222.642 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 7,319.036), MCr 585,522.885 in Quantity
240 Weeks Singly, 192 Weeks in Quantity