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Grazzagr-class Cruiser

Tons: 1000 Std (Wedge SL) Volume: 14000 m3 Cost: 1029.213 MCr
Crew: 31 High/Mid Pass: 0/0 Low: 0
Cargo: 17 tons Std Controls: Medium Military/Bridge TL: 12
9 Size 2 Jump (2 Std/Pc Fuel)
4 G Thrusters (1008 Mw)
PA Bay (+4) 2/9-7-6-5 9 Power Plant (4600 Mw)  
2x L Battery (+4) 1/7-6-4-3 249.3 Fuel (Scoops, Refine 20)  
L Battery (+4) 1/2-2-0-0 3 Sandcasters (90 Cans)  
5x Missile Barrette (20) A16 P5 J16
20 Armour, 23 Structure
Launch Facility (Launch)    
Minimal Hanger (Launch)    
Crew: 7 Engineers, 1 Electronic, 2 Manoeuvre, 13 Gunners, 2 AuxCraft, 4 Command, 1 Stewards, 1 Medic  
Notes: 1 two person Sick Bay  
Ships Vehicles: 20 Ton Launch  

The Grazzagr was designed to be a replacement for the Ruganz Empire’s ageing fleet of TL11 Cruisers in 2640 UC. 8 ships were eventually built before the class was sidelined when Dzorg joined the Federation three years later.

The Grazzagr was designed to both show the flag around the Kranag cluster while packing enough punch to take on any other ships in its class.

The 8 ships built were sent into the Naval reserve fleet. The ships have hardly ever been out of mothballs, being sent on exercise once in the last 50 years. With only 8 ships in the class even the Naval reserve found no use for them and paid them off in 2706. The Star Legion instantly saw there potential as anti-corsair vessels and sent them to be overhauled.

One ship has been assigned to each Star Legion Base to be used as a force multiplier in any future strikes against corsair basses. Currently, training missions are being undertaken to determine the most effective formations for using the Grazzagrs.

The last ship has been reserved to provide a force multiplier to special missions such as survey missions. It is currently stationed with Second Squadron at Fillary Base Braden.

In operation the Star Legion use double occupancy of the 5 large staterooms and dispense with the steward position. The crew roster for a Star Legion ship is 7 Engineers, 1 Electronic, 2 Manoeuvre, 13 Gunners, 2 Aux Craft, 4 Command, 1 Medic, 6 Ship’s Troops. “Ship’s Troops” on a Star Legion vessel is misleading, as there are no dedicated ship’s troops as such in the Legion; all personnel are expected to perform ground combat. As such, the ship’s troops as listed are extra crewmembers picked with a skill range appropriate to the mission. Mainly they are used to increase crew rotation, enable instant crew replacement in combat situations and provide a squad of ground troops when necessary.