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June 2011


June 2011 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Critics Corner Twilight Sector Campaign Setting Sourcebook, 2ed Richard Hazlewood
Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty Jeff Zeitlin
Raconteurs Rest Drop Out (Part 5) Ken Murphy
Up Close and Personal Trey Kowalskie Sam Swindell
In A Store Near You The Showroom: Murphy-class Police Grav Bike Ewan Quibell
The Promenade: dOranders FRI Ken Murphy
Old Newshound Ken Murphy
Active Measures Dismal Luck Peter Arundel
Getting Off the Ground: Flitho 314 Jim Kundert
Kurishdam The Club Room: The Plann in Hyperlite Tim Bancroft
Multimedia Gallery The BurrowWolf (Chapter Five, Part One) Dave Redington and David Billinghurst

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From the Editor

We’ve noticed some sections of our magazine and website that are lacking material, and so this month, Your Humble Editor is going to use his half-page of bully-pulpit to exhort his readers to consider filling those sections.

First, there’s Less Dangerous Game. It’s been said that humans—or, in the Traveller context, sophonts—are the most dangerous game to hunt, so, since animals, being non-sophont, are thus less dangerous, we chose that name for the section on animals. Sadly, though, it’s been languishing, and we’d like your help filling it, with animals that Travellers may encounter—everything from domesticated assistive and enforcement animals to insectoid colonies that can trap a man and strip him to bone in minutes, to elephant-sized lizardoids that run and hide if you say “boo” to them to aquatic leviathans that just might pull your ship’s launch down, thinking it might be lunch… anything and everything. Any format will do; we want descriptive information, including appearance, habitat, diet, behavior, and so on; we also want the stats that a referee would need to actually set up and adjudicate an encounter with them.

The Shipyard has also been languishing somewhat. We recognize that it badly needs reorganization (and pruning, quite honestly; there are a lot of ships that are nothing but stat blocks), and we’re looking into it, but for now, just consider sending us ships of all types—military or civilian, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you send not just a “stat sheet” or “design worksheet”, but that you include descriptive text to tell the reader what distinguishes your design from all the other similar designs, whether good or bad. If you have them or can create them, pictures or deckplans are very big plusses.

Finally, In A Store Near You has some subsections that could use some help, and the main section, with individual goods not belonging to any of the subsections, could also stand some new entries. The subsections in question are The Promenade, which is for describing the stores themselves, and Handle With Care, which is for any sort of item that’s “inherently” hazardous. For both sections, focus on good descriptive text; for Handle With Care, it’s also a good idea to include cost, mass, and bulk so that it can be used as cargo in a campaign.