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This article originally appeared in the January/February 2018 issue.


The PCs have been hired to transport a load of arms to an interdicted asteroid settlement. But they discover much, much more. Instead, they are transporting a bomb with which to destroy the port of the settlement. Behind the plot is a corporation denying the settlement’s ore and ships to a local refinery in order to drive it out of business.

Game Mechanics

This adventure uses Mikey Traveller Task Resolution – essentially a reformatted MT.

Mikey Traveller Task Resolution

Each Task is assigned a numeric Task Factor from 1 to 10. To resolve a task, roll 2D6 for over or equal to twice the Task Factor on 2D6. DMs depend on whether it is a skill or characteristic based task. For PCs without ability in a skill (i.e., don’t even have level 0), DM -4 (unless GM states otherwise)

Skill DMs: + 1 for every two points applicable stat is 7+, -1 for every two points applicable stat is 7-, + skill level.

Characteristic DMs; + 1 per point applicable stat is 7+, minus one for every point stat is 7-.

1 Simple 2
2 Easy 4
3 Routine 6
4 Fairly Difficult 8
5 Difficult 10
6 Very Difficult 12
7 Extremely Difficult 14
8* Formidable 16
9* Staggering 18
10* Impossible 20

* These task attempts will probably require a determination roll prior to making the skill attempt unless GM agrees otherwise.

The success or failure of a task is a slightly expanded version of that in Megatraveller. The meaning behind what this means is up to the GM to decide, however should be easy to extrapolate. All other guidelines for MT Task Resolution apply, such as modifiers for hasty or cautious tasks, duration etc.

Margin of Success/Failure Quality Rating
Success by 6+ Critical Success or Quality Rating 1
Success by 4-5 Exceptional Success or Quality Rating 2
Success by 2-3 Good Success or Quality Rating 3
Success by 0-1 Minimal Success or Quality Rating 4
Failure Failure or Quality Rating 5
Failure by 6+ Exceptional failure or Quality Rating 6

Nugget 1: The Hire

The PC with the highest streetwise skill has heard of a smuggling job on offer by an interdicted asteroid in a nearby Govt 7 Asteroid system. The job is to transport 12 D-tons of small arms and associated ammunition, spares, and maintenance kits, as well as two overseers. The job is rumoured to pay 1 MCr. Apparently the vessel that had been arranged was destroyed when it mis-docked two standard days ago.

Through a mutual contact, a meet has been set up in a somewhat shabby cafe in the starport (the cargo can be assumed to be within the starport confines). The name of the contact is Zapasta Cobb. He will be wearing SPA coveralls and has a ponytail.

Zapasta is about 50 with a salt and pepper beard and long scraggly ponytail (á la Sean Connery). His coveralls are worn/used, stained with grav unit coolant. He is seated at a far booth at the back with a bay window (through which can be seen a thoroughfare) to the right. There is one other occupied table near the front. The place is an automat (i.e., choose from a menu on table and food is delivered by two contoured serving droids.

Task To check for weapons or hidden equipment
TF & Skill TF5 Perception or Recon task. -1 TF if Streetwise-2 or Gun
QR1 Has a slim body pistol concealed behind ripaway patch under left armpit and a screwdriver like tool on his belt. He is wearing flesh coloured nose plugs (which protect against gas). The automaton serving drinks is not standard and it has hidden gas emission nozzles concealed along a maintenance hatch
QR2 As above save for the automaton.
QR3 There is a bulge under left arm pit and a and a screwdriver like tool on his belt
QR4 There is a screwdriver like tool on his belt
QR5-6 Nothing


Task To attempt to record or check for recording devices
TF & Skill TF5 Electronics or Communications
QR1-2 There is obvious interference coming from a white noise generator located in his booth. If recording, then it will be patchy and unclear
QR3-4 There is interference that will result in any recording being unplayable and there are no recording devices in operation.
QR5 There are no recording devices and nothing that will prevent recording
QR6 Whatever equipment is being used malfunctions. It requires a TF3 task (minor repair) to fix it.

He is drinking Zapasta (gene-engineered coffee with sugar cane, for which Zapasta is clearly named after) and glances up when the PCs walk in. He introduces himself and beckons for them to sit. If there are more than 2 people he asks quietly that the rest sit elsewhere. If they refuse, he apologises that he can’t do business with them and goes to leave.

After some minor small talk he gets to business. The rumour is true, 12 D-tons of weapons for 1 MCr and two travellers, of which he will be one. The other guest will join the flight ten minutes before take off. If queried why he simply says that this person has a ‘bit of heat’ and if they are followed then it cuts down to a minimum the information on which vessel they are on and thus unable to warn the authorities.

Zapasta Cobb’s opening gambit is 1MCr paid upon completion. [He is willing to offer up to 250k in advance, see below]

Task To gain concessions
TF & Skill TF5 Persuasion (Fast Talk) or TF7 Carousing; +1 to -1 TF for role-playing.
QR1 250k Cr in advance, balance on delivery (explains that’s all he can offer as that is all they have).
QR2 As above but 200k
QR3 50k Cr in advance, balance on delivery
QR4 As above but 25k
QR5 No concessions made
QR6 Zapasta gets up and goes to leave claiming that the PCs obviously don’t want the job. A successful TF4 Carousing or TF 3 Persuasion roll will mollify him to accept the original deal.

If a deal is struck, he asks where the PCs’ ship is berthed. He says he will check the SPA logs to see if the PCs’ claims stack up and if so will meet them in 48 hours with the cargo on a series of SPA grav sleds and he wishes to leave as soon as able once the cargo is stacked. If cash has been agreed to up front, he says that the money will be handed offer just below take off. The nav coordinates will also be given then. Fuel is required for Jump-2.

Possible Actions or Questions

Is this an Imperial blockade?
Yes, it’s under the auspices of quarantine. There is no danger. There was a disease released in the settlement by a rival settlement, but the effects have passed. They have taken this opportunity to enter our designated exploitation territory and jump-claim the good rocks. As soon as the quarantine is lifted we’re going to drive them out.
Why did the other settlement attack?
They are jealous of our resources and constantly violate our designated exploitation territory.
How do you propose to get past the blockade?
I’ve purchased up-to-date authorisation to pass the blockade with the cargo being listed as medical supplies. There shouldn’t be any problems. The only danger is the random boarding inspection. Also, you won’t be able to carry any other passengers.
What if we get boarded?
We let them. We’ve bribed the Marine sergeant to look the other way.
1 MCr is not enough
That’s your problem.
How can you guarantee that we won't rip you off or space you etc.
I have insurance against that. [If PCs are making repayments he implies that their bank will find out what they are up to]. He won’t elaborate on this.

If the PCs attack

Assuming he has time, Zapasta tugs at the ripaway (like a Velcro patch but generally unnoticeable) and pulls out a body pistol. The automaton currently serving releases a combined flash/smoke/tranq grenade, which fills the cafe. Under cover of the smoke he fires a shot to shatter the window then crashes through it. Naturally the adventure as written ends, but a clever GM could salvage it.

Task Resist each effect of grenade
TF & Skill TF6 Endurance Roll -1 to 3 TFs depending on each PC’s actions
QR1-2 FLASH:No effect
TRANQ:No effect
SMOKE:No effect
QR3-4 FLASH:Blind & Deaf for 1 round
TRANQ:Woozy (-2 DM to all tasks)
SMOKE:Choking (-1 DM to all tasks)
QR5 FLASH:Blind & Deaf for D6+1 rounds
TRANQ:-2 DM to all tasks and faint in D6 rounds
SMOKE:Choking (-3 DM to all tasks)
QR6 FLASH:Blind & Deaf for 2D6+2 rounds
SMOKE:Choking, incapacitated 2D6 rounds

As the meet closes two burly men enter the cafe. They are dressed in ill fitting suits with muscles bulging in all the wrong places. They scan the bar and see the PCs and Zapasta. They begin walking towards them.

Zapasta leans forward and says ‘close your eyes, hold your breath and cover your ears’. One second later he triggers the device and scenario runs as above. PCs who follow his advice get a -2TF to the Endurance roll. Both goons will, if able, attempt to follow Zapasta through the window. If the PCs intervene, they will be set upon. The smoke detector triggers and the cafe will be doused with fire retardant (roll vs. smoke effects as above to find effect). Emergency sirens will sound 1 round later with emergency response arriving in five minutes.

UPP A66666-7 Armour: Cloth-5 (Tech 5)
Brawling-2, Gun (Handguns)-0, Intimidation-1, Melee Combat-2
  Auto Pistol 7mm Baton
Melee/Ranged R M
Ammo Type Std -
Capacity 15 -
Penetration 1 2
Attenuation 2 -
Damage 3 2
Range/Block M 1
Autofire Targets - -
Danger Space - -
Signature M -
Recoil M -
Rapid Fire Y -
Applicable Skill Handgun Melee Cbt

Nugget 2: Being Scoped Out

If the PCs decide to cruise for a shop before the 48 hour period ends, they will be followed by goons.

If the players scan the goons for weapons:

Task NPC task roll for each goon to follow PCs without being noticed
TF & Skill TF 4 Stealth, +1TF if players have stated they are keeping a look out. See below. The QR of the roll determines the TF for the PCs to notice the surveillance
QR Travellers make a TF (7 minus QR of Stealth Roll) Perception or Recon task


Task To notice being followed.
TF & Skill See above
QR1-2 Two goons following, one at a time with one trailing for about for ten minutes, the next will arriving from a different location with the previous tail then heading off.
QR3 PCs notice one goon following.
QR4 PCs notice one goon acting suspiciously
QR5 PCs notice nothing
QR6 TF3 Dex task, failure resulting in the loss of one small personal item – QR6 a valuable one


Task To check for weapons or hidden equipment
TF & Skill TF5 Perception or Recon, TF6 Cudgel or Melee Weapons (Int based task) for baton, Hand guns for hand guns. -1TF if Streetwise-2+
QR1 Goons have telescoping batons strapped inside their wrists and bulges under their left armpits which have a 6 shot snub revolver.
QR2 Goons have telescoping batons strapped inside their wrists and bulges under their left armpits.
QR3 Goons have bulges under left arm pits
QR4 Goons have telescoping batons strapped inside their wrists
QR5-6 No Weapons


Task To Interrogate the goons
TF & Skill TF5 Interrogation or TF7 Persuasion. -1 to +1 TF for role-playing. -1 TF if goons are 'roughed up'
QR1-2 The employer is unknown. They have been hired for usual daily fee plus expenses. Contacted via net through screen site. An e-mail is to be sent every hour on the PCs movements and immediate notification sent if they head for the star-port.
QR3-4 The employer is unknown. They have been hired for usual daily fee plus expenses. Employer has asked that an e-mail be sent every hour on the PCs’ movements.
QR5 Refuse to divulge
QR6 They laugh

The goons do not approach the PCs, merely follow. If attacked they will endeavour to escape but will fight if cornered. If interrogated after capture, make a task roll. If confronted they will mumble that they thought the PCs were someone else and leave. If their path is barred they will shoulder their way past.

The Goons stats are the same as the previous nugget, save that they have Stealth-1.

Nugget 3: The Arrival

Five minutes before the deadline, Zapasta arrives with three 4 ton cargo grav sleds carrying standard shipping containers. He is still wearing SPA coveralls but has two units of personal luggage with him. The cargo containers are marked with bio-hazard symbols.

Zapasta personally loads the cargo into the bay and secures it ready for flight. He is an obviously competent load-master. He then attaches anti-tamper alarms. If the PCs query this he simply states that the cargo is worth a lot of money and given the unsavoury nature of what they are doing, he is sure they won’t be offended.

Once loaded, he picks out and passes a computer chit to the navigator listing the course coordinates for the asteroid settlement. He says that the other passenger will be here 10 minutes before take off and to let him know when left off is planned. The coordinates are for a secondary belt (i.e., not the main-world of a system), in a system 2 Jumps away. A settlement named Du-Phant.

Possible Actions or Questions

Can we see inside a container?
I’m afraid not. It has been sealed and the ciphers have been sent in advance.
What sort of weapons are they?
Ship missiles, some accelerator rifles and a few infantry support weapons, plus maintenance kit and spares.
Who is the other passenger?
You’ll meet him shortly.
What is your story?/back ground?/ where are you from?/ various probing questions
That’s none of your business.

As for the containers, below are various tasks depending on what the PCs’ actions are.


Task PCs scan the cargo containers.
TF & Skill TF6 Sensor task. -1 to +1 TF depending on Travellers' actions and equipment used.
QR1-2 PCs get a partial densitometer scan of standard imperial ship missile cases in the first container, small arms cases and ammunition cases in the second and associated tools/equipment in the third. In the ammunition case is a dense 0.10 m cube shaped object that is not an ammunition case. There is no biological material within. Back-ground radiation is slightly higher (less than 5% more than normal), but that can be attributed to the material of the cases.
QR3-4 PCs get a partial densitometer scan of standard imperial weapon cases in the first container, ammunition cases in the second and associated tools/equipment in the third. There is no biological material within. Background radiation is slightly higher (less than 5%), but that can be attributed to the material of the cases.
QR5 Cannot penetrate cargo cases. There is no biological material within. Background radiation is slightly higher (less than 5%), but that can be attributed to the material of the cases.
QR6 Sensor equipment malfunctions. Requires a TF3 electronics task to repair it (minor repair)


Task PCs examine the locks on each container.
TF & Skill TF4 Intrusion or TF5 Electronics task. -1 to +1 TF depending on Travellers' actions and equipment used.
QR1-2 Tech 15 Cipher Code Key lock. Requires exact pass-key sequence entered or lock freezes for 24 hours. There are three pin-hole tranq gas dispensers around each lock. It will take a minimum of 8 hours to crack the lock and require an electronics tool kit, tech 12+ intrusion kit and a hand computer.
QR3-4 Tech 15 Cipher Code Key lock. Requires exact pass-key sequence entered or lock freezes for 24 hours. It will take a minimum of 8 hours to crack the lock and require an electronics tool kit, tech 12+ intrusion kit and a hand computer.
QR5 Some sort of electronic cipher key lock. No idea how to crack it.
QR6 No idea what sort of lock it is.


Task PCs examine the anti-tampering devices on each container.
TF & Skill TF4 Intrusion or TF5 Electronics task. -1 to +1 TF depending on PCs' actions and equipment used.
QR1-2 A constant signal is sent from the anti tamper device so as to prevent jamming. The anti tamper device also contains a droplet camera mounted above the lock with constant transmission and vibration and temperature increase devices if the container is attacked / penetrated. The tranq gas dispenser above the lock can be activated from a hand held unit.
QR3-4 As above save for the tranq gas.
QR5 No idea what it does.
QR6 Nahhh, it’s a fake.

Unless the PCs do anything else, ten minutes before take off the other passenger arrives.

Zapasta calls on his comm and 10 minutes later the airlock intercom buzzes. A man in his mid thirties steps through. He has dark black hair and has the bearing and clobber typical of a junior corporate executive. He introduces himself as Zordacci Mann and has three pieces of luggage with him.

Make a secret task roll for Medical minded PCs:

If the Travellers managed to get a up front payment…

Task To eyeball Zordaci Mann
TF & Skill TF3 Medical or TF4 Biology. -1 TF if Streetwise-2+
QR1-2 Is currently on Anagathics and has recently, in the last three months, had plastic surgery to alter his appearance
QR3-4 Has recently, in the last three months, had plastic surgery to alter his appearance
QR5 Notice nothing
QR6 Probably younger than he looks

Zordaci Mann stows his gear and returns with a small attache case, the kind used for currency transfers. He opens it and passes over the sum agreed to by Zapasta. It is crisp and clean currency but with non-consecutive serial numbers, the highest denomination being 20 Cr.

Make various task rolls to get the ship under-way at (average TF 3) and proceed to jump. For whoever is on comms/sensors, make a secret task roll when nav coordinates have been logged into the computer.

Task To determine that vessel is being ‘bugged’
TF & Skill TF 5 Communications or Sensor Ops
QR1-2 A splurt (i.e., microsecond) signal was piggy-backed on the ship’s transponder unit and transmitted via a backup comms antenna beneath the nose pod of the ship.
QR3-4 A tight-beam signal was sent from somewhere beneath the ship.
QR5-6 Notice nothing.

If the PCs investigate, make a series of Vacc and EK(Zero G) TF3 rolls to make it toward the comms antenna. A miniaturised comms unit has been connected to the interface SPA crew use to patch the vessel into the SPA and world nets. The comms unit has no memory. However the ship’s main computer can ‘replay’ the signal sent.

Task To replay the signal
TF & Skill TF5 Computer task
QR1-2 The vessel’s exact navigation coordinates have been broadcast
QR3-4 The system to which the vessel is jumping to has been broadcast
QR5 The transmission is unreadable
QR6 The transmission has been accidentally wiped

Nugget 3A: Bad Bad BAD Travellers

If the PCs are determined to try and bust into the containers then consult the task sheets below.


Task PCs try to disarm the anti-tamper devices on each container.
TF & Skill Combined TF7 Intrusion, Electronics and Communications task. -1 to +1 TF depending on PCs’ actions and equipment used.
QR1-2 Disarmed without alarm raised and lock automatically opens.
QR3-4 As above save the lock doesn’t open.
QR5 Anti tamper devices go off (see below)
QR6 As above and alarm surprises intruder to the extent they must Roll vs Dex or fall over


Task PCs attempt to crack the lock
TF & Skill Combined TF7 Intrusion, Electronics and Computer task.
-1 to +1 TF depending on PCs’ actions and equipment used.
QR1-2 PCs open lock without triggering the anti-tamper devices (if not disarmed as above)
QR3-4 PCs open lock but trigger anti tampering devices if not previously disarmed. Tranq gas sprays into the faces of those at the lock. See below for effects of gas.
QR5 PCs fail to open lock and are sprayed with the gas as above.
QR6 As above and roll vs Dex for a piece of equipment or it is broken requiring a TF4 task to fix (minor repair)


Task Resist effects of gas (assumes no gas mask/other protection)
TF & Skill TF6 Endurance task (i.e., Roll vs End-4).
QR1-2 No Effect
QR3-4 -2 DM for 2D6 rounds (woozy)
QR5 -2 DM and faint for D6 hours in D6 rounds
QR6 Faint for D6 hours

Zapasta and Zordaci will immediately race towards the cargo bay with hand-guns drawn upon the alarm sounding. They ask what the hell the PCs think they are doing. They tell them that their bonus has just been halved. If the PCs threaten them Zapasta will pull out his comm and wave it at the containers. He says that his and Zordaci’s vital signs are transmitted to the anti-tamper devices every hour and should they be dead or otherwise incapacitated, it will arm a bomb with an eight hour counter which only Zapasta and Zordacci can disarm.

He also points out that attempting to bust into the container do likewise, and he keys a sequence into the comm to reset the armer. With that, Zapasta shoots a PC in a non-vital area to show they mean business.

Nugget 4: In Jump

Zapasta and Zordaci pretty much keep to themselves during the jump (they share a stateroom). If the PCs check the entry points to the stateroom they note that there are small alarms which have been affixed by the two on the various entry points.

Mention to the players that there is a lot that can be done in a week, such as training or using VR programs to hone or learn skills. (See Training).

PCs may activate Library data (TF 2 Computer Task with failure meaning no information) about their destination and associated links. See the Library Data in the appendix.

Possible Actions or Questions

Why doesn’t your settlement simply manufacture the weapons?
We sustained a terrorist attack on our manufacturing centre one month ago which destroyed the applicable equipment. It will take three month to repair. And we don’t have the capacity to manufacture munitions.
Won’t the Imperium intervene when you attempt to clear your DET of cultees?
The Impies will come in late, meanwhile we can take ’em out with these missiles.

Every day a series of Events will occur.

Day 1: That evening, Zapasta and Zordaci drink in the crew lounge. Zapasta drinks an incredible amount but does not seem that intoxicated. Zordaci however drinks half the amount and gets paralytic. He then launches into a tirade of racial abuse directed at Aslan calling them ‘Pussies’, ‘Kitty-crap’ and ‘Overgrown Pussies’ and male Aslan as being ‘Pussy Whipped’. He gets up and begins to scream ‘Pussy, Pussy, Pussy’ when Zapasta, barely not moving, whacks him across the face with blinding speed, knocking Zordaci to the ground.

Zordaci staggers to his feet, yanking a snub pistol from the small of his back and points it at Zapasta. Zapasta simply sips his drink. After a moment Zordaci lurches down the corridor to his stateroom. Zapasta apologises for his companion’s actions telling them that ‘the lad canna handle his drink’ and that ‘jump space freaks him out’.

Day 2: Zordaci approaches the ship’s medic (or closest thing) and asks for something for a killer hang-over. If questioned about what he said the night before he draws a blank. If his hatred of Aslan is bought up he says that he has no opinion one way or another and that he hasn’t even seen one in a year. Let the medic make another secret task roll (see Nugget 3) to scan for recent changes. However, due to the T-shirt Zordaci is wearing, the medic may also spot a re-gened patch from a removed tattoo.

Task To eyeball Zordaci Mann
TF & Skill TF3 Medical or TF4 Biology. -1 TF if Streetwise-2+
QR1-2 Is currently on Anagathics and has recently, in the last three months, had plastic surgery to alter his appearance. There is a patch of re-gened skin on his upper right arm, probably from a removed tattoo.
QR3-4 Has recently, in the last three months, had plastic surgery to alter his appearance. There is a patch of re-gened skin on his upper right arm.
QR5 Notice nothing
QR6 Probably younger than he looks

Zapasta enters the cargo bay with his comm unit and plugs it into the computer port near the lock. He takes a series of readings then leaves. He blocks the readout from any camera equipment in the bay. An enterprising PC may attempt to get a ‘ghosting’ of the computer read-out. He does this every few hours each day in Jump.

Task Get a ‘ghosting’ image of Zapasta’s comm/read out.
TF & Skill TF7 combined Computer and Communications task. -1 to +1 TF depending on PC’s actions.
QR1-2 The comm is security shielded against emissions, however the PC pulls off the last reading - it simply has a time counter going from 15.09 to 480.00
QR3-4 The comm is security shielded against emissions
QR5 Failed to get an emission
QR6 Equipment malfunctions, requires a TF3 minor repair task to work again

Day 3: Zapasta works out in the cargo bay, bringing out a high tech gym mat to work out on (comes with a sensor which measures pulse, sweat levels etc). He then does a series of intricate martial art manoeuvres in slow motion, then rapidly runs through them all at normal speed several times. This takes about an hour.

Zordaci comes in during this practice and shakes his head in amusement. He says ‘fuck that, just shoot ’em’.

Task To identify martial arts style
TF & Skill TF 4 Brawling (use Educ as app stat). -2 TF if had Army or Marine training, -1 TF if had special forces training
QR1-2 A conglomerate of many different styles such as meditative martial arts combined with standard Imperial military unarmed techniques, including several zero g combat manoeuvres.
QR3-4 A conglomerate of many different styles such as meditative martial arts combined with standard Imperial military unarmed techniques.
QR5 No idea what styles.
QR6 Nah, he’s faking it.

Day 4: PCs chancing past their stateroom will notice the door is partially open while Zapasta is in the cargo bay taking another reading. Zordaci is sitting cross-legged on his bed cleaning a hand-gun. A TF2 Hand-guns result will note that it is a snub-pistol with a 20 round mag (a fail means don’t know) with a snug laser-paint attachment (designed not to impede a speed draw and to be used with head-up contacts). A TF4 Perception result will note that there is an activated standard environment sensor on the bed side table, currently on ‘atmosphere read’ function.

Zordaci looks up and activates the door close function watching the PC with a stony face.

In the evening, Zapasta approaches a PC and asks if the crew lounge entertainment unit has a karaoke function. If reply in the affirmative (it does), his eyes light up and he suggests a pissy pants Karaoke night that night. If the PC agrees, that night Zapasta plugs in a computer chit with several thousand Karaoke numbers and belts them out. He’s not bad, but he’s no professional. Zordaci gets a bit pissy (but nowhere near the first night) and tries it on with the most attractive female (human) crewmember. Everyone can make TF3 Carousing tasks, a success meaning a good time was had, a fail a bad one.

A PC may use this opportunity to attempt to bust into Z&Z’s stateroom. A rather obvious addition to the door is a combo lock/alarm on the door touch plate. A successful TF 3 Intrusion result will note that to open the lock is quite hard even without the fact that the alarm will trigger if it is opened. The alarm signal is audible and stopping the broadcasting of a constant coded signal (failure means no idea how hard it is until an attempt is made or that the alarm is both audio and signal) will result in an alarm on Zapasta’s comm.

A PC may attempt to replicate the signal so if it sounds then only the audio component goes off.

Task To send a signal (Uncertain - player roll 1D6, GM the other)
TF & Skill TF5 combined Communication and Computer signal. -1 to +1 TF based on PC’s equipment and actions
QR1-2 Signal code worked out and able to replicate it
QR3-4 As above but only a portion of the signal, approximately one minute
QR5 Failed to work
QR6 PC thinks it has worked but it hasn’t


Task To crack the lock
TF & Skill TF6 Intrusion task. -1 to +1 TF based on PC’s equipment and actions
QR1-2 Crack the lock without activating the alarm
QR3-4 Crack the lock but if opened the alarm will activate
QR5 Fail to crack the lock but don't activate the alarm
QR6 Fail to crack the lock and the alarm sounds

If a PC makes it into the room then they will presumably search it. Below assumes a leisurely search. If a hasty search then increase the QR by two places (i.e., bad). If the PCs are under the impression they have a lot of time but Z&Z get an alarm, then unless forewarned they will be caught in the act as above.

Task Leisurely Search (UNCERTAIN)
TF & Skill TF3 Perception task. -1 to +1 TF depending on PC’s actions
QR1-2 In addition to all the other findings below, behind a wall access panel is a small currency attaché case containing (Cr300k less the PCs’ advance) and a body pistol. Beneath a grav plate are three ship atmosphere scrubber pads. A TF2 Mechanical or TF4 Perception task with a DM of +2 TF if no previous space background will note they have been tainted with some kind of chemical. A TF3 Medical or TF2 Chemistry task will note that this is Tranq gas in an inert liquid state.
QR3-4 In addition to all the findings below, behind the access panel in the corner is a Gauss Pistol loaded with armour piercing tranq needles. There are also several different Imperial IDs for each Z (a TF 3 Forgery check will note they are of exceptional quality).
QR5 In addition to the findings below, a duffel bag contains a maintenance parts case which has been modified into a weapon's case with for three automatic snub pistols, (one present), with x6 Tranq and x6 HE mags.
QR6 Clothing and assorted knick-knacks, belt sized Mechanical, Electrical and Gravitic tool kits.

Day 5: Assuming no-one has been caught sneaking through their stuff, the two Zs make various appearances during the day in the crew lounge etc. A computer (TF 3) check will note that they have been accessing old movies, mostly spy thrillers in the past few days, from the ship’s library. Zapasta will again work out in the cargo bay and continuous to access the cargo containers.

If any PC wishes to ‘spar’ with Zapasta he will accept. It is assumed that punches are pulled etc. See Zapasta’s stats.

Day 6: PCs will most likely be performing re-entry procedures, maintenance checks, etc., and be occupied. Z & Z keep to their room for the most part, but occasionally wander in and out.

Day 7: It is assumed the PCs will be at ‘action stations’ for the most part as re-entry to N-space can occur with very short notice. Z&Z stay in their room, apart from Zapasta checking the containers during the day. Zordaci looks very nervous when seen for the first time that day and very relaxed the next.

Make various (TF 3) ship tasks for exiting jump. The PCs are 6 to 24 hours out from Du-Phant (necessary to avoid the possibility of rocks ending up being less than 100 diameters out. The exact number of hours is (6 x QR of last nugget’s Nav roll).

Nugget 5a: Tampering

If the PCs have declared they are keeping a look out for any tampering of their systems, make a hidden task roll against each system.

Task Determine if the Computer has been tampered with
TF & Skill TF 5 Computer task.
QR1-2 Early during Day 6, the Anti-Hijack program had a backdoor inserted, allowing it to be turned off yet, when activated, would indicate normal function. The PC can insert a command to negate this backdoor but leave it appearing to still function.
QR3-4 As above but negating the backdoor will wipe it all together
QR5-6 Nothing has been tampered with


Task Determine if the Gravitics have been tampered with
TF & Skill TF 5 Gravitics task.
QR1-4 In the primary control system for the G plates, a remote switch has been installed to turn them off when it’s triggered.
QR5-6 No tampering evident.


Task Determine if the Life-support has been tampered with
TF & Skill TF 5 Mechanical task. -2 TF if scrubbers are specifically examined.
QR1-4 Late in Day 6, three scrubber pads tainted with currently inert liquid tranq have been replaced the back-up scrubber pads. A remote switch has been installed in the primary scrubber unit to allow the secondary to replace it on-line.
QR5-6 No tampering evident.


Task Determine if the Communications have been tampered with
TF & Skill TF 5 Communications task.
QR1-4 In early in Day 7 a remote switch has been installed in the primary and secondary antennas which means they can be turned off remotely.
QR5-6 No tampering evident.

Nugget 5: Boarded…

Ask the PCs if they have their transponder activated. There are a number of transponders active, including two Imperial Naval patrol cruisers and at some distance scattered through the belt, various Seeker belter spacecraft. The settlement is broadcasting that it is under quarantine.

It is assumed the PCs will make a sensor scan upon exiting jump space. (Task next page.)

Make various (TF 3) ship tasks to approach the settlement. 11 hours out, the quiet Patrol hails the PCs to state that a quarantine is in progress and that vessels may not proceed. If the PCs announce their authorisation and that they are carrying medical supplies, the patrol vessel announces that they intend to board. Make a (TF 3) pilot task to link up, a failure resulting in heavier than intended locking (damaged pride for the pilot).

Task To scan for ships and the like (UNCERTAIN)
TF & Skill TF 4 Sensor task. -2 if active scanners are used, -1 per range band within sensor range
QR1-2 Three 440 ton reserve navy patrol cruisers, two matching the transponder signals above. The third sits quietly about 12 hours at 2G from the settlement. A weak power signal at extreme range also comes from near the settlement.
QR3-4 Two 400 to 500 ton reserve navy patrol cruisers, matching the transponder signals above. A weak power signal comes from a vessel about 12 hours out from the settlement.
QR5-6 Sensors fail to pick up any power emissions, though the radio signals of the two patrol vessels show their location

The airlock cycles and an Imperial marine Sgt in combat armour, leading three other marines enter. They have accelerator rifles at the ready. The Sgt’s face-plate opens to reveal a grizzled looking woman with an urgent need of some facial grooming.

They check the PCs’ authorisation and have a cursory poke around before heading to the cargo bay. If PCs have naughty, naughty stuff then let ’em sweat it out. If former marines announce their presence then they, but not the sergeant, will asks about the PC’s units and the like. Z&Z are both wearing IISS Medivac uniforms and have I.D (which the Sgt checks). Make a TF3 roll to note they are also wearing magna-strips on their boots (enables them to cling to a hull if the g plates go).

A marine has a complex sensor device (a multi-scanner and densitometer) and goes to scan the containers. Zapasta and Zordaci, both present, look a little worried. Make a TF2 Perception task for any PCs actively watching Z&Z and the Sgt. Success means they see a sly wink.

The marine reports that they are medical supplies and the Sgt radios the patrol cruiser. However, instead of moving off, they hear the following:

[Note: the PCs may elect to have tried to access the mil-coms on a combined TF7 Communications and Computer task—success means they can hear both sides of the exchange, i.e., the text in brackets.]

She turns to Z&Z and asks if they can access the containers. Z&Z say they cannot and that the cipher key was passed by X-boat the day before the Jump. The SGT relays that information to the Commander.

The SGT motions for the sensor squaddy to crack the container, who activates his helm cam. Z&Z are quite worried but the marines look bored. Zapasta surreptitiously activates a button on his comm.

The marine connects the sensor to the second containers computer note, keys a sequence of keys and steps back. A split appears in the container door (memory plastic) and the marine opens each door. Inside, densely packed, are ammo and small weapon crates.

The SGT’s comm bleeps softly.

Make a secret perception task to see if a PC notices that the crypto has not been re-engaged.

Task Notice Crypto has not been re-engaged (SECRET)
TF & Skill TF5 Perception task. -1 to +1 TF depending on PCs’ actions
QR1-2 Crypto lock has not been re-activated however if opened the anti-tamper devices will alarm
QR3-4 Crypto lock has not been re-activated
QR5-6 Notice nothing

The SGT says ‘good vis-patch, Johansen’. The marines grin good naturedly at each other, the PCs and the two Zs. The SGT holds out her hand. ‘I believe that’s two thou for me and a thou for each of them’. Zordaci hands out ten 100 Cr bills to each trooper and double that to the SGT.

On the way out, Johansen says ‘Jeez, Sarge, there was a fuck load in there’, the SGT replying ‘Hansen, there’s something you learn in this job—let indies bring in the weapons if they’re going to pop each other and not us. It’s much less work that way’.

The vessels break and the patrol vessel returns to silent running, the Captain’s parting comment being that the PCs will not be allowed out until the IISS Medevac team gives the all clear.

If the PCs attempt combat the Marines will shoot to kill knowing that there’s twenty years in the pen if they don’t. The marines will immediately close face-plates of their combat armour and start shooting. Z&Z will kill the G plates and start pumping Tranq through the ship (unless the PCs have succeeded in Nugget 5a). Those rushing for masks etc. must make an Endurance task to make it to equipment in time. If not going for equipment and don’t have protection then they will automatically pass out in five rounds no matter the result of below.

Task Resist effects of gas (assuming no gas mask or other protection)
TF & Skill TF6 Endurance task (ie Roll Vs End-4).
QR1-2 No Effect
QR3-4 -2 DM for 2D6 rounds (woozy)
QR5 -2 DM and faint for D6 hours in D6 rounds
QR6 Faint for D6 hours

The SGT will transmit an alert to the Commander, who will then order the vessel to surrender. If no response in thirty seconds, it will fire a laser into the manoeuvre drives to prevent escape. If informed of what is afoot the Commander won’t act until he can confirm what is happening. Any move to break lock will however result in lasering of manoeuvre drives. A TF 3 Sensor scan will reveal the other patrol cruisers moving in.

UPP 788776-7 Armour: Combat Armour-18 (Tech 14)
EK(Zero G)-0, Rifleman-1, Vacc-1
UPP 699886-7 Armour: Combat Armour-18 (Tech 14)
EK(Zero G)-0 (total DM of +1), Leader-2, Handguns-2 (total DM of +3), Rifleman-2 (total DM of +3), Tactics (Small Unit)-1, Vacc-2 (total DM of +3).
WEAPON Accelerator Rifle Snub Auto Pistol (Cudgel)
Melee or Ranged R R M
Ammo Type STRD HEAP -
Capacity 15 15 -
Penetration 3 6 2
Attenuation - - -
Damage 3 4 2
Range/Block Md M 1
Auto-Fire Targets 2 - -
Danger Space - 1.5 -
Signature M M -
Recoil L L -
Rapid Fire Y Y -
Applicable Skill Rifle Handgun Melee Cbt

Nugget 6: The Hand-Off

The PCs’ vessel docks without incident (Make a TF 3 Pilot task, with failure indicating rougher than usual locking requiring a minor repair task to a buckled hull plate), and access-ways are matched to the PCs’ vessel’s locks. The installation is a de-commissioned 20k tanker hull connected to the settlement by a beanstalk some 400 metres distant for safety purposes. According to transponder broadcasts, there are currently four seeker vessels and two IISS medivac vessels (100 ton scouts with medical equipment) berthed.

Z&Z look immensely pleased and relieved. They slap the PCs on the back, jump up and down etc. As soon as the access-way clamps to the airlock, Z&Z, suited up, will make to leave with their gear. Zapasta says they will return in a couple of hours with grav sleds for the cargo and the balance of the fee.

If the PCs refuse to let them past, etc., they will activate the tranq, null the G plates and the anti-hijack program (see previous nugget), then do their best to bail. If the PC want assurances that they will return, Zordaci simply states that ‘hey, the stuff in the hold is worth more than our fee’ but adds a rider of ‘but as you can’t go anywhere ’cause of the quarantine, we can also trust you’. With that they leave.

As soon as they cycle through, the PC hear the airlock control panel bleep with alarm indicating an error (outside, Z&Z activate the above traps and slag the camera). If any of the PCs are not incapacitated then the following may occur depending on PC actions. Note that Zero G checks (TF3 Zero G) will have to be made as the plates have gone off.

Restart the G-plates

The ship’s computer indicates that the error has occurred in the primary control unit. Zero G swimming to the primary control takes several minutes (TF3 zero g task, QR indicating time taken—a QR6 make a Dex task or suffer a slight injury). See 5a for results of a Gravitic task to determine the error.

Chase after Z&Z

The airlock controls have been slagged and will require a forced iris valve opener (TF4 Mechanical with QR the number of minutes it takes and a QR 6 indicating a malfunction). It takes thirty seconds for the airlock to cycle open. Just inside the port access-way are the bodies of an Aslan female and male. The male is dressed in combat armour, a massive pole-arm fallen beside him and an accelerator rifle slung over his back. The female is dressed in a vacc suit and is carrying scanning/sensor equipment. Both their faceplates are open with bullet holes in their heads. The female’s comm is bleeping constantly. Within two minutes the PCs will be confronted by three vacc suited individuals armed with shabby/worn accelerator rifles. Let the fun commence (‘who the hell are you?’, ‘what the hell is happening?’ etc.).

Go out another lock

Make a series of multiple TF4 Zero G tasks and one TF3 Vacc suit task (QR resulting in time taken, a QR 6 result meaning a save task (i.e., another T4 Zero G check or lose grip) to ‘swim’ to the access way and hand over hand to the port proper. There is an emergency lock, which can be cycled through, with a sign indicating the comms band a suit radio should broadcast on. The port control are screaming and demanding to know what the hell is happening. Within two minutes the lock will cycle open and the PC confronted by three vacc-suited individuals armed with shabby/worn accelerator rifles. Let the fun commence.

PCs on Bridge

Ten minutes after Z&Z leave (and the fun begins), whoever is on sensors sees a faint emission of a ship’s boat departing the settlement. If they alert the navy patrol vessels as to what is happening, make a TF6 Persuasion roll to convince them their story is true. The boat does not answer hailing comms and disappears.

Check the containers

The containers appear normal however a cursory inspection will reveal the ammo/small arms container cipher lock is in the open position (the marine forgot to re-seal it). If the PCs pull the crates out they will note that only the first layer has stuff in them (three one metre long, half metre high & wide crates with 4 accelerator rifles in each plus six 0.5 metre cubed ammo crates, the rest are empty. Within the middle of the container is a standard Imperial nuke warhead case, with the relevant warnings etc. A readout has a counter showing four hours minus whatever time has progressed since Z&Z left. There is a movement sensor crudely affixed to this readout and the warhead case has been affixed to the container floor with sticky pads (i.e., to prevent shifting but not being detached).

Task Examine movement sensor (UNCERTAIN)
TF & Skill TF 4 Sensor Ops or TF5 Electronics
QR1-2 The movement sensor will alarm if the nuke warhead crate is moved in relation to its current surroundings (i.e., the container). The sensor also has a small comm device attached.
QR3-4 The movement sensor will alarm if the nuke warhead crate is moved. The sensor also has a small comm device attached.
QR5 Some sort of movement sensor, no idea what triggers it
QR6 Nah, it's a fake.

If the warhead container is removed from the sticky pads, the read out will speed up at ten seconds per second (which gives the PCs 40 minutes—minus time lapsed between Z&Z leaving and the PCs’ opening the crate times ten). Let the PCs decide how they are going to move it.

If disarming is attempted:

Task Disarm Nuke (30 minute task)
TF & Skill TF7 Demolitions task. -1TF if make a TF4 Intrusion success roll at QR3-4, -2 if QR1-2. +2 TF if gravity is off or PC is not grounded in some way.
QR1-2 Nuke has been reverted to the inert state in 15 minutes
QR3-4 Nuke has been disarmed in 30 minutes
QR5 Fail to disarm nuke in 30 minutes
QR6 Nuke will explode in ten minutes (anti tamper triggered).

Assuming the Nuke is somehow disposed of, the settlement authorities and Impies will want to talk to them. The settlement was aware of the weapons incoming, arrangements having been made to secure them in the last system. As they talk to the PCs, they receive a message that the weapons were hi-jacked 8 standard days ago. When shown pictures of Z&Z, the settlement leaders claim they had never seen them before. The Aslan were to check the weapons.

The Impies wish to investigate but the settlement leaders hustle the PCs away with a full load of fuel. The first container had maybe 12 missiles in total, the rest of the crates being empty and the third had rusty low tech farming equipment. The settlement will take this from the PCs in return for 50k.


Rogues Gallery

Zapasta Cobb (Human Male)

About fifty (62), muscular build, short beard, scraggly salt and pepper hair pulled into a pony tail.

ORIGINAL 9 D A 9 8 7 8 ?
CURRENT 9 D A 9 8 7 8 ?
STAT DM 1 3 1 1 - - - -


Admin 1 (I+Ed)/2 &C 1
Athletic Ability 0 Variable Variable
Brawling 3 (St+D)/2 4
Carousing 1 &C 1
Comm. 1 (I+Ed)/2 2
Demolition 1 (D+I)/2 3
Disguise 0 (D+I)/2 0
EK (Zero G) 2 D 5
Electronics 2 (D+I)/2 4
Forgery 1 (I+Ed)/2 or (I+D)/2 +2/+3
Gravatics 2 (I+Ed)/2 3
Grav Craft 1 D 4
Gun (Hand) 2 D 5
Mechanical 2 (D+I)/2 4
Melee Cbt 2 (St+D)/2 3
Music (Sing) 0 - -
Robotics 1 (I+Ed)/2 1
Streetwise 3 I & C 1
Vacc 0 (D+I)/2 2


WEAPON Auto Snub Gauss Pistol Cudgel
Melee or Ranged Ranged Ranged Melee
Capacity 15 10 15 -
Penetration 6 - 2 2
Attenuation - - - -
Damage 4 1 1 2
Range/Block M M L 1
Auto-Fire Targets - - - -
Danger Space 1.5 1.5 - -
Signature M M L -
Recoil L L L -
Rapid Fire Y Y Y -
Applicable Skill Handgun Handgun Melee Cbt

NOTES: Has been in the employ of GMI for the past 15 years after their assistance in getting him out of an Imperial prison. Given Anagathics, both as a reward and to ensure continued service.

Zordaci Mann (Human Male)

Early to mid thirties (46), generally wears junior executive corporate clothing, Jet black and shiny hair

ORIGINAL 7 9 8 A B 9 A ?
CURRENT 7 9 8 A B 9 A ?
STAT DM - +1 - +1 +2 (+1) +1 -


Admin 1 (I+Ed)/2 & C +2 /+3
Armoury 1 (D+I)/2 +2
Athletic Ability 0 Variable Variable
Brawling 1 (St+D)/2 +1
Bribery 1 I &C +2/3
Computer 4 (I+Ed)/2 +5
Demolition 3 (D+I)/2 +4
Disguise 0 (D+I)/2 +1
EK(Zero G) 0 D -
Forgery 1 (I+Ed)/2 or (I+D)/2 +2
Grav Craft 0 D -
Gun (Hand) 2 D +3
Gun (Rifle) 1 D +2
Intrusion 1 (D+I)/2 +2
Streetwise 2 I &C +3/4
Vacc 0 D 0
Writing 0 (I+Ed)/2 +1


WEAPON Auto Snub
Melee or Ranged Ranged
Ammo Type HEAP GAS
Capacity 15 10
Penetration 6 -
Attenuation - -
Damage 4 1
Range/Block M M
Auto-Fire Targets - -
Danger Space 1.5 1.5
Signature M M
Recoil L L
Rapid Fire Y Y
Applicable Skill Handgun

NOTES: Ex-Marine special forces where he was a Computer and Demolitions expert. Recruited by GMI some fourteen years back; they currently supply him with Anagathics. Recently had his SF tattoo removed and face altered after an operation went wrong.

Library Data

Barren’s Belt

Settled in 920 by several competing mining corporations, as well as a multitude of independents upon the release of exploitation rights by the Ministry of Resources. The major deposits were quickly discovered and exploited by the corporations, forcing the independents to move to the belt's extremes.

It was in these extremes that a series of hitherto undiscovered incredibly rich finds were made and the independents allied into factions to exploit these discoveries. By 980, six settled asteroids petitioned the Imperium for world recognition rights, four independents and two corporate entities.

Relationships between these settlements have never been cordial, due mainly to the fact that all are competing for steadily depleting resources. Disputes over certain rocks have led to the occasional armed conflict breaking out, but the Imperium has decreed it a local matter and not intervened (it does not affect trade in the system as the main-world is some distance away).

The settlements are Alphonso (named after a vessel belonging to a band of independents), Casiter (named after a notorious belter bar in Glisten), Du-Phant (named after the cat belonging to the leader of a group of independents), Germain Mining Industries Refinery #12 (an asteroid refinery belonging to the named corporation), Hu’uin Hapstader Co-op (a system-based corporation whose primary concern is the refining of the ore from independents), and Liishuiilg (named for a Vilani societal sect).

[Location details reveal that the two corporate settlements are some distance from the Independents and each other and that the independents are relatively close to one another]

The entire population of the belt is approximately seventy thousand and is divided roughly equally amongst the settlements.

Starport: F
(Good quality, refined fuel available, minor repairs possible)
Population: 4
(14,200—almost entirely human, of mainly Solomani extraction)
Language: Galanglic, Sol (French)
Government: 3 (Oligarchy)
Only ship captains can vote (a ship being a vessel of 100 tons in size or greater) and all major legislative and judicial decisions are voted on. A council of three former captains who have the confidence of the electorate carries out day to day administration.
Law: 7
(No firearms are allowed, though melee weapons may be worn and carried; Movement is restricted only into life-support and other sensitive technology areas; There is free speech though custom allows someone slighted to challenge them to a contest of some kind)
Raw ore, Water (its domain is smack bang in the middle of highest density of ice asteroids).
Settled by a group of independents who shared Solomani French heritage, though the current population has a wide mix of human types. Non-human races are subject to some harassment, especially Vargr. Most of the population is bi-lingual. They regard the Liishuiilg with much distrust and Alphonse Belltrees have had the occasional run in with their ships in disputed territory.
Starport: F
(Good quality, refined fuel available, minor repairs possible)
Population: 4
(18,900—Mostly human but with many different types of non human races present)
Language: Galanglic
Government: 2 (Demos)
All citizens (aged 16+, resident in settlement or registered Casiter vessel for a year or more) can vote on laws and general policy. Day to day government and judges are elected for a period of 12 months with all those in the previous government unable stand for election for a period of one year.
Law: 5
(All firearms save for rifles and shotguns banned—however they cannot be taken outside the home or ship; Free speech guaranteed; No movement restrictions save to areas designated as ‘operational’ No laws against vices provided they do not harm others)
Raw ores, Tourism and Entertainment (the moral clime of Casiter is less than most worlds—i.e., no laws on drugs, gambling, prostitution etc.), limited manufacturing (porn holo-vids)
Settled by a trader providing services to a loose coalition of independents from the old school of Belterdom—hard men who worked hard and played hard and enjoyed hard pornography, drugs, sex and games of high chance. Eventually the settlement expanded but instead of tunnelling into the asteroid, de-commissioned star-ship hulls were anchored to the rock with various access ways connecting them. Casiter is the home of the Rock Hard series of famed hard core holo-porn (featuring the talents of Rock Hard, Numann-Teak Drill, Dee Penetration and Boom Boom McQueen).
Starport: F
(Good quality, refined fuel available, minor repairs possible)
Population: 3
(9,800, mostly human with a sizeable Aslan population in their own quarter)
Language: Galanglic
Government: 4 (Representative democracy)
Citizens vote once every two years for each branch of government. Each candidate must meet certain qualifications to stand for office (e.g., Law degree for standing for Judiciary)
Law: 8
(all weapons save small dual equipment/weapons banned; access cards required for access to certain areas; speech is regulated; exile for serious crime is the primary punishment)
Raw ores, manufactured Goods (heavy machinery, some electronics)
Du-Phant is a Spartan-minded settlement, though due to circumstance more than any inclination. It has been ‘under arms’ for the better part of five years after numerous incidences with Liishuiilg, though these conflicts have been confined to ship-to-ship encounters. The conflict has been ongoing for over a hundred years due to the sloppy work of a Ministry of Resources official, who, eager to return home, gave a somewhat hazy definition of ‘borders’ between the two settlements, the zone in dispute holding the richest claims. The belter vessels of Du-Phant are better armed and armoured than most. The Aslan population provides males as marines and gunners in these vessels, having been ‘invited’ by the population for that purpose during the last almost-war twenty years past.
Germain Mining Industries Refinery #12
Starport: F
(Good quality, refined fuel available, minor repairs possible)
Population: 4 (10,200)
Language: Galanglic
Government: 1 (Corporate)
The settlement is run according to rules and regs of Germain Mining Industries with a Managing Director running the executive and Chief Marshal the Judiciary
Law: A
(all weapons banned; access to areas depending on position within company; most vices not banned but heavily regulated (for example there are corporate comfort men/women))
Raw Ore, Refined Ore, Limited Manufacturing
One of the survivors of the many corporate undertakings in the belt. While it is located in the poorer area of the belt, it has the most ‘territory’ but suffers from the fact that the best deposits are on the borders with the Indie settlements and more than one Indie has poached a logged find. The Refinery is one of 26 owned by the corporation as a whole.
The Hu’uin Hapstader Co-op is a constant drain on profits as the Indie settlements as a whole sell their ore to them (despite GMI’s offer of better rates thus negating the main weapon of ‘muscling out the little guy’ of a corporate armoury)
Hu’uin Hapstader Co-Op
Starport: F
(Good quality, refined fuel available, minor repairs possible)
Population: 3
(6,200, mostly human with a sizeable Vargr segment
Language: Galanglic
Government: 1/4 (Corporate with elements of representative government)
The Co-op is run along corporate lines but all employees are the shareholders—hence a co-operative. By gathering proxies, unpopular board members can be removed. The amount of shares owned is generally tied to the position held within the company.
Law: 8
(all firearms are banned; movement is monitored; free speech is allowed but derogatory or unsubstantiated claims result in a fine levied against a person's dividend).
Refined ore, Manufacturing (Limited)
During the first thirty years of the belt being opened, the corporations had a monopoly on ore refinery in the system, forcing the Indies to sell their better grade ores at low prices. But as the Independents formed permanent settlements, they needed a cheaper refinery to remain viable. Enter Hu’uin Hapstader. Hapstader had an obsolete thousand-ton refinery/factory ship, which required an infusion of funds to upgrade so as to match the corporate output. So a co-op was formed and employees recruited from each of the Indie settlements and groups, along with the necessary capital. In ten years, most of the corporations had their profits stripped right back and left the system. HH Co-op is much larger than its original size, a conglomerate of mined asteroids and de-commissioned hulls.
HH Co-op also serves as a ‘meeting ground’ for disputes amongst the Indie groups. Hapstader’s original crew was Vargr attracted by his immense charisma and charm and as a result they make up a significant chunk of the population.
Liishuiilg (“As One”)
Starport: F
(Good quality, refined fuel available, minor repairs possible)
Population: 4 (10,500, almost all Vilani (human))
Language: Vilani and Galangic
Government: 3 (Oligarchy)
Middle and higher-ranking leaders of the sect control the government, with the high leaders governing with the consent of the lower orders.
Law: A
(There are no weapons unless a person is in the militia; speech and hedonistic pursuits are self regulated and whilst not banned it does result in ‘re-education’)
Raw ores, rare ores.
Settled by a Vilani societal sect (ie a sect following sociologically beliefs as opposed to religious ones) who wished to practice in private but needed the funds and privacy to do it. The central tenant of the sect is cooperation—all performing to the best of their ability for the good of the collective (a form of communism). Every quarter each member of the collective is assessed by a panel of higher orders to determine their status for the following quarter based on their efforts for the collective. Their rank determines their access to non-essential resources (i.e., entertainment, library data and the like). As there is no money, a person’s station within the cult determines how ‘rich’ they are. Members are allowed, however, to acquire personal possessions (but cannot buy quarters and the like). Despite how they seem, appearing before a panel is not an inquisition, they are conducted humanly and with compassion, despite the propaganda from Du-Phat (for history of this conflict, see Du-Phant entry). Sect members are free to leave at any time, as can their children under the age of 12, but those older must make their own decision. Self-administered euthanasia is a common practice when a sect member becomes a burden to themselves or others.
The sect ended up in the belt because of persecution on their home world. As a result they over-react to any hostility directed toward them. Hence the recent conflict with the Du-Phant settlement has escalated due to over reaction by the sect to perceived incursions into their designated area. The sect has armed their ships and all fit and able sect members belong to the militia.
Members of the sect constantly debate their direction and beliefs, with each habitat quarter (with about 20 or so families) participating in weekly debates in their commons.
A liaison officer, who will explain the tenets of the sect (without being asked) with all the enthusiasm of an Amway member, escorts any off-worlders.
Germain Mining Industries

Formed as the result of several mergers amongst mining-focussed corporations some fifty years earlier. The scope of its activities are spread throughout the sector, specialising in purchasing exploitation rights to secondary asteroid belts (i.e., belts which do not have the system’s main settlement). They currently have 26 belt exploitation/refinery operations in total, as well as other associated endeavours.

The corporation has been accused by the Belters’ Guild of ruthless tactics and deliberately offering at loss rates to drive other refineries to the wall, then jacking up the prices. The guild has recommended that their members not sell ore to GMI as a result.

Stock Ownership:
Various Pension funds 32%, Gran-Malouf Family 29%, Other corporations 18%, Other 18%, Imperial Family 3%

An extremely wealthy family renowned for its commercial good sense and ‘gloves off’ approach to business. It is a relative newcomer to nobility, having only acquired peerage some three generations back. Consequently while it is ‘swimming’ in money, both its own and via managing a series of planetary pension funds, it has been consistently snubbed by established nobility who perceive the Gran Malouf as ‘money grubbing level jumpers’.

Indeed, the family’s rise to fortune has much to blame. Artemus Malouf, then a Petty Officer in the supply branch of the Imperial Navy, somehow managed to acquire a Zhodani fifty-thousand-ton cruiser, surrendering it to the empire in return for a sizeable seizure claim. Legend has it that he and a small picked crew went AWOL behind enemy lines to seize the skeleton-staffed vessel from a backwater system deep within the Consulate. In order to return quickly, they performed a deliberate misjump back into Imperial territory. A very ill Artemus Malouf was the only survivor, the rest having perished due to jump sickness.

Artemus received a (barely) honourable discharge from the navy and invested it in a series of post-war reconstructions that netted his family vast returns. His marriage to his Naval Intelligence Interrogator, causing much gossip. Towards the end of his elongated life, Artemus received a barony for ‘services to the economic health of the Spinward Marches’, though rumour has it he simply bought it thanks to a large sum of money spent bailing out a recently impoverished noble family.

The family as a whole has personal investments in most of the megacorporations and sector corporations in the Spinward Marches. However, its role as executive managers of several main world pension funds gives it vast power and wealth. The biggest family-only investment is in Germain Mining Industries, the family having consolidated most of their assets into GMI when a major terra-forming project went bankrupt.

Almost all the movers and shakers of the family spend some time in the Naval service, usually just a term, though sometimes until majority (thirty), with most of them having gone through the academy. The current family head is Fulsom Gran-Malouf, aged 112, whose anagathic-related facial cysts have acquired some fame and the attention of several comedians. Fulsom is currently serving as the Imperial legate of a world and attends every function in a grav-chair, having lost the ability to walk under his own power some thirty years back, the anagathics hindering the re-cloning of his spinal column.