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January/February 2018


January/February 2018 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Articles
Critics’ Corner Two Days on Carsten Jeff Zeitlin
Hub Federation Ground Forces “kafka”
Pirates of Drinax: The Torpol Cluster Megan Robertson
Mercenary Second Edition “kafka”
Active Measures Interdiction Michael Hughes
In Loco Parentis Timothy Collinson
The Shipyard Designs for Marc Miller’s Traveller (T4): Grazzagr-class Cruiser Ewan Quibell
The Prep Room Jottings #2: Inheritance Jeff Zeitlin
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #32: Regular if not Frequent Timothy Collinson
Multimedia Gallery Mental Visualizations Ori B.L. Stone
Raconteurs’ Rest The Adventures of Gerry Fynne [Chapter 7 and Chapter 8] Sam Swindell

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From the Editor

Since going to the bimonthly schedule, we’ve had an easier time keeping to the schedule and getting issues out on time. We really have no excuse for missing our ‘deadline’ with this issue; failure to do computer maintenance is not an acceptable reason, nor is getting distracted by a new game. Unfortunately, both happened, and we apologize for it.

Freelance Traveller was started as a supplemental fan resource for Traveller in a period when there were a few fanzines coming out regularly in print, plus the ‘house organ’ for the then-current licensed publisher of Traveller. After the apparent demise of Mongoose’s Signs and Portents, there didn’t appear to be anything to fill the ‘’zine niche’, either licensed or fan, so we decided to try to fill it, striving for the quality of the ‘house organs’, while remaining an outlet for fan work. The feedback that we’ve received says that we’ve largely achieved that aim—and from our point of view, it’s due to your support.

Traveller has an active fan community that’s been around for a long time. Only comparatively recently has there been the option of commercial fan publications, initially through the Mongoose SRD for Traveller under the OGL, and now also through the Travellers’ Aid Society Community Content program at DriveThruRPG. With the additional publication of the Cepheus Engine, an OGL reworking of the Mongoose Traveller SRD, the commercial fan publications have proliferated fantastically—and yet still leaves enough for Freelance Traveller to put out sixty pages every two months, for free.

Something catalyzed that proliferation. I like to think that a small part of that was seeing that fans like you could put out the high-quality material that I hope Freelance Traveller consistently contains.