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Mark Admag

This character was originally posted to the pre-magazine Freelance Traveller website in 2009, and reprinted in the September/October 2016 issue.

Mark Admag Male Human (Mixed)
UPP: 697BA7 (SDEIES) Genetic UPP: 465 Age: 38 (38)
Life Stage: 5 DOB: 121-1209

Homeworld: Regina (1910 Spin Mar A788999-D Hi Cp 303 Rr)

Starport: Excellent; Size: Medium; Atmosphere: Dense; Hydrosphere: 80%; Population: 3,000,000,000;
Law Level: High; Tech Level: Average Stellar;
Trade Codes: Hi Cp

Mark grew up around starships. His family ran a restaurant in Regina Starport. He spent his days reading as many starship technical manuals he could get his hands on (in between helping his folks run the eatery), and, on his 18th birthday in 1227, left home and signed aboard the subsidized merchant, Intrepid Pedagogue.

Normally, life on a subbie is about as exciting as watching Hivers mate, but things in the Regency made things more colorful. Deteriorating Regency policies were wrecking havoc on the profits of many a free trader in the former Domain. Mark got injured during a Regency Customs inspection when one of the inspectors accidentally mistook a pressure tank for a smuggling compartment (because the tank looked “non-standard”). Ignoring Mark and the other crewmembers’ protest, the inspector had an explosive placed on the tank. The inspector was killed and Mark was badly hit with shrapnel and hot radioactive steam. With the aid of advanced medical treatments and cloned skin grafts, Mark recovered.

The rebellions on many worlds (as well as the systematic squashing of these rebellions by Regency loyalists) made red zones out of the most stable systems in the past 100 years. The Pedagogue made quite a few paramilitary support runs—usually in favor of the Regency (they had the money). News, as well, as personal witnessing, of the atrocities Regency (now called Imperial Regency) forces were heaping on the rebel worlds, caused the Pedagogue crew to switch sides. The following years into 1240 were spent running supplies to worlds that would later join the League of Spinward States. When Regina made its separation from the IR in 1232, the Pedagogue’s crew supported it…mostly. The few who didn’t left at the next port of call.

On 137-1242, the Pedagogue was attacked and couldn’t get away. IR forces, in the form of patrol cruisers, captured the fat trader and Mark was headed to an internment camp deep in IR territory. On the way, however, Mark escaped from his cell through the aid of a fellow prisoner who managed to slip out and crack the ship’s computer’s security to release the subcraft while the cruiser was refueling at a gas giant. Most of the prisoners (a few captured from other ships) came with him. By piloting deep within the planet’s thick atmosphere, he evaded the cruiser and hid for as long as he could before life support got critical. He then made it to the main world, sold the craft, divided the money among the captives, and signed aboard the Far Trader Argent Dawn.

When Avery’s call for his campaign against the Dominate came, some of the crew of the Dawn were willing to respond. Mark wasn’t. He was a trader; besides, with what the IR has been stirring up, there was plenty of excitement here. Mark had an investment as well. He used his portion of the loot to buy quite a few of the Dawn’s shares. The last four years were spent trading among the various worlds in the LSS. At this time, 001-1248, Mark’s captain told him that he was retiring.

The captain had made his pile and was going back to his home on Emerald (1006/Spinward Marches). He sold the ship to Regina Shipyards. Mark immediately purchased it back with the share chits he had obtained plus financing the rest. Since the ship was already a few decades old thus the price reduced, the remaining 29% of the value was a very reasonable deal for a 40-year plan. Mark hopes to pay it all off long before that.

Mark is looking for a new crew; the others have moved on. He has 71% of the ship in his name. The 1276th Bank of Regina has the rest. One day , he will pay off the mortgage and the ship will really be his. Now, to find a new crew…


Merchants (Free Trader)
Terms: 5
Final Rank: Captain/Owner
Awards and Decorations
Fame-7 (Continental)
Streetwise 0, Craftsman 0, Admin 1, Trader 3, ACS Ships 2 (3 effective), Computer 1, Steward 1, Power Plants 2 (3 effective), Gambler 1, Astrogation 4, Slug Throwers 1, Language: Gvegh, Grav 1, Turrets 1
Pilot 1, Engineer 1, Fighting 0, Driver 0, Gunner 0, Career: Merchant (Free Trader) 0
Life Pursuits
1 Ship’s Pilot Dex, Pilot C+S=12
2 Ship’s Astrogator Int, Astrogation C+S>13
3 Free Trader Int, Trader C+S>14
Pilot, Astrogator, Engineer
Far Trader (Argent Dawn, Type A2 Garu-Class), 10 of 14 shares owned; Autopistol; Cr. 25,000


Homeworld Skills: Qualifies for Streetwise, Craftsman, and Admin

Term 1: Merchants
Successful entry (2D v. Int B = 9)
Risk failed (2D v. Str 4 = 8) 4 HP lost (recovered all).
Rank: Casual Hire (0)
4 Skills (Trader, Pilot(ACS Ships), Computer, and Trader)
Continue successful (2D v. Str 4 = 4)
Term 2: Merchants
Risk Succeeded (rolled 2D v. Dex 9 = 7)
Reward Succeeded (2D v. Dex 9 = 6) 1 Ship Share
Promoted to 4th Officer (1) (2D+2 (Int 6+) v. 11 = 9) Received Steward
5 Skills (+1 Str, +1 Str, Engineer(Power Plants), Gambler, Astrogation)
Continue successful (2D v. Str 6 = 6)
Term 3: Merchants
Risk Succeeded (2D v. End 5 = 4)
Reward succeeded (2D v. End 5 = 5) 1 Ship Share
Promoted to 3rd Officer (2)(2D v. (Terms×2)+3 (Int 8+) (total 9) = 7) Received Engineer(Power Plants)
5 Skills (+1 End, Pilot(ACS Ships), Astrogator, Pilot(3rd time chosen. Full Pilot knowledge gained), Engineer(3rd time chosen. Full Engineer knowledge gained))
Continue successful (2D v. Str 6 = 6)
Term 4: Merchants
Risk Successful (2D v. Int 11 = 3)
Reward successful (2D v. Int 11 = 6) 1 Ship Share
Promoted to 2nd Officer (3)(2D v. (Terms×2)+3 (Int 8+) (total 11) = 9) Received Astrogator
5 Skills (Str +1, Merchant: Admin, Language, Trader, Fighting(Slug Throwers))
Aging: No effect (2D v. Life Stage 5 = 7, 8, 11)
Continue Successful (2D v. Str 7 = 7)
Term 5: Merchants
Risk Successful (modded: 2D v. Dex 9-3 (6) = 4)
Reward Successful (modded: 2D v. Dex 9+3 (12) = 10) 1 Ship Share
Promoted to 1st Officer (4)(2D v. (Terms×2)+3 (Int 8+) (total 13) = 11) Received Pilot(Ships)
5 Skills (End +1, Astrogation, Trader, Driver, Gunnery(Turrets))
Aging: -1 Str (2D v. Life Stage 5 = 5, 9, 10)
Continue unsuccessful - Experience generation terminated. (2D v. Str 6 = 11)
Muster Out:
Fame: 7 (base 4 for Merchant Rank 4, +3 Flux)
Benefits: Autopistol (from Fighting-1), Life Insurance, Ship Shares 6 (Hit 3 times), Directorship (irrelevant for Free Trader merchant. Changed to Ship Shares), Cr. 35,000