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September/October 2016


September/October 2016 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner Three Blind Mice Jeff Zeitlin
2300AD: Libreville: Corruption in the Core Worlds Megan Robertson
Clement Sector Player’s Guide “kafka”
RPGSuite Jeff Zeitlin
Active Measures Jabru Jeff Zeitlin, Bruce Johnson, and Louis Wester
Discordia Pacis Michael Brown
Raconteurs’ Rest Sword Worlds Resurgent: A Problem Like Myra [Part 2] John Clifford
Funny Fish: Bad Things Happen [Part 4] Andrea Vallance
Doing It My Way Nature Red In Tooth and Claw - Move Over! Rob Garitta
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #24: Dare to Go There? Timothy Collinson
The Shipyard Classic Traveller Designs: Fram, Burke, and Foible-class Destroyers and Variants Ken Pick
In A Store Near You Everfresh Sandwiches Ken Murphy
Light Duty Line-Throwing Tool Les DeGroff
The Promenade: Chandlers Jeffrey Schwartz
Up Close and Personal Cyd Annasser Jeff Zeitlin
Mark Admag William Wilson
Hiram Schwartzberg Sam Swindell
Kurishdam Lecture Hall and Library: Jump Destination: Zeimbo Les DeGroff

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From the Editor

Life gets in the way, d*****! Not a lot, this time, but enough to delay the release of this issue by a week. Admittedly, part of it was trying to find the best articles for reprint; sad to say, I’m not getting the level of submissions I did when Freelance Traveller was monthly, and I’m very definitely scraping the bottom of the backlog barrel. I have to admit some fault in this; I haven’t pushed as hard as in the past—and I also haven’t gotten my tuchus in gear and properly acknowledged receiving what people do send me. I’ll try to do better—but I’ll also tell you, right now, up front: if you haven’t heard from me within a week of sending to me, nag me from the same address—and to my freetrav@gmail.com address, not just to editor@freelancetraveller.com. That’s not for just going forward, it’s for anything not yet published that you’ve sent in the past. I really do care about this, and want to be a good neighbor on this, but I’m afraid I need help. And submissions to acknowledge. My thanks, in advance, to you all.