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March/April 2018


March/April 2018 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Articles
Critics’ Corner The Great Rift Jeff Zeitlin
Hostile: A Gritty Sci-Fi RPG Omer G. Joel
Off the Table: The Mote in God’s Eye and The Gripping Hand Michael Thompson
Off the Table: Designers and Dragons Megan Robertson
Raconteurs’ Rest Here Be Dragons [Chapter Three] John Clifford
The Adventures of Gerry Fynne [Chapter 9] and [Chapter 10] Sam Swindell
Less Dangerous Game Sargmay Benedikt Schwarz
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #33: Missing Players Timothy Collinson
The Lab Ship BY Draconis-type Variable Stars Ken Pick
The Prep Room Jottings #3: Kinship Jeff Zeitlin
At the Bar: Places to Interact Timothy Collinson
The Shipyard MegaTraveller Designs: Pawel-class TL10 Modular Cutter and Modules Ewan Quibell
In a Store Near You Scout PAC (Planetary Assistant Controller) Mark S. McCabe, Sr.
Active Measures The Rime of the Ancient Traveller James Ramsay
Wet Goods, Dry Goods Bill Cameron
Winter of Discontent John Watts

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From the Editor

OK, I have to admit it; I’m easily distracLOOK, A SQUIRREL! Where was I, right, easily distracted. This time, though, it was due to looking through the archives and seeing just how much Freelance Traveller has published over the years—we’re coming up on twenty years just since the redesign to the present look, which means there’s probably 25 years of material posted.

There are, however, some weak sections: I’d like to see more material in Kurishdam, Less Dangerous Game, and In A Store Near You—these are the sections that are most likely to be usable in any campaign, and I’m a big fan of making the magazine/site usable to as many people as possible. That also means that you don’t have to stick strictly to 2D6 Traveller; TNE, T20, GURPS Traveller, and HERO Traveller are also fair game (if only for the Third Imperium setting). If you’re a fan of one of those, and feeling a bit left out, I apologise—but I can’t print what isn’t sent. Why not try your hand at writing?