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January 2015


January 2015 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner Clement Sector Jeff Zeitlin
Hub Federation Megan Robertson
Career Companion Jeff Zeitlin
Active Measures The Hand of Retribution Michael Brown
Raconteurs’ Rest Funny Fish: Playing With Matches [Part 5] Andrea Vallance
The Shipyard Mongoose Traveller Designs: The Sheriff John Brown (Mod. Type S) Peter Bradley
Traveller By the Byte The Traveller APL Workspace
Download the actual NARS2000 workspace (.zip)
Jeff Zeitlin

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From the Editor

It was a nice idea, but I couldn’t stick to it consistently, so I’m dropping it as of this issue. “It”, in this case, is the little indicator logos that ostensibly told you whether the article was generic or for a specific setting. Sometimes, I was just never sure I was picking the right indicator, and so just defaulted to the blank ‘generic’ one; other times, I suspect that I completely misread the context. So, I’m just going to drop them.

This year, it is also my intent to experiment with some alternate formats, most notably Kindle and EPUB. It won’t be every month, and I will expect feedback (and answers to questions I ask in response to feedback), so if you’d like to participate in testing, please write to tech@freelancetraveller.com, indicating whether you’re interested in Kindle or EPUB (or both), and advising me what type of device(s) you have, screen size(s) and resolution(s), what version of the device OS you’re using, and what reader software you’re using. Readers for desktop computers are also eligible to participate in this test. Sufficient technical sophistication to be able to retrieve attachments from email and “side load” books into your device and reader software is required. Provide a valid email address that can take file attachments of potentially twice the largest size past issues of Freelance Traveller have been; the inclusion of artwork is quite definitely intended, if the corresponding PDF issues also have the artwork.

As usual, I’m asking the community for material. Freelance Traveller is a fan-supported magazine and resource, so your participation is essential to make us happen. Material for all sections, including the new “Traveller By the Byte” section, is eagerly sought; that includes possible regular columns, like Timothy Collinson’s “Confessions…”. I’m also keeping an eye out for theme issue material; the next two themes I’m concentrating on are the Cruise and Dark Imperium issues.

Because the two most recent issues (including this one) were so far behind schedule, I’m going to do a combined February/March 2015 issue; look for it around the end of February. As usual for double-month issues, it will be double the size of a normal issue.