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March/April 2017


March/April 2017 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner A Selection of GKG Traveller “kafka”
Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition: The Pirates of Drinax: The Torpol Cluster Megan Robertson
Ship Files: Polixenes-class Courier Omer G. Joel
Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition: High Guard: Aslan Megan Robertson
Kurishdam The Club Room: The Wayward: A Terraforming Company Peter Brenton
Lecture Hall and Library: Jump Destination: Nutema Jeff Zeitlin
Doing It My Way Character Detailing Rules: Certification for Player-Characters William F. Hostman
In the Grey: Starship Activities in Jumpspace Timothy Collinson
Character Generation Rules: Special Operations (Commandos) Ken Murphy
Active Measures The God-Monster Steve Hatherley
The Mire Run Ian Whitchurch
Getting Off the Ground: Instant Murder Mystery for In the Grey Timothy Collinson
Purity Allen Shock
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #27: Still a Newbie Timothy Collinson
The Shipyard Naklaad-class Interface Merchant Timothy Collinson
Mongoose Traveller Designs: The Ubiquitous Type S James Brian King
In A Store Near You The Showroom: Kerala-class House Grav

Note: This is shown in the downloadable issue as a Shipyard article.

Ewan Quibell
Raconteurs Rest Sword Worlds Resurgent: The Huntress John Clifford

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From the Editor

I apologise for being late again this issue; there’s really nobody to blame but myself. I lost about a week’s work due to being in a blue funk over two pieces of news that came to me while working on the issue. The first was the news of Loren Wiseman’s death; I’ve written a short obituary that appears on page 63 of this issue, and… well, you see the cover.

The other… I’m starting on a never-ending, life-changing journey, and not for happy reasons. At my physical this year, the usual lab work was done, but the results weren’t usual. I have joined the ranks of those who live with Type II diabetes. That doesn’t mean I’m planning on closing down Freelance Traveller; I’m not letting diabetes take away my contribution to the Traveller community.

I can’t grumble at the fact that I’m not seeing a flood of submissions to match the flood of commercial releases I’ve been seeing on DTRPG; I’ve said all along that if you think you can make money off your work, by all means do so. But I’d still like to see more stuff come my way….

To Absent Friends

While we were working on preparing this issue of Freelance Traveller for you, we received some sad news: Loren K. Wiseman, one of the founders of Our Game, passed away on February 15, 2017. Loren had been involved in Traveller from its very beginnings, as one of the creators of Classic Traveller for GDW. After a stint of unemployment following GDW’s closure, he joined Steve Jackson Games, where he was the line editor for GURPS Traveller. He was an occasional visitor to several on-line Traveller forums, including the Traveller Mailing List, until his health started failing him. He was undoubtedly one of Traveller’s larger-than-life figures, and he will be missed.