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May/June 2021


May/Jun 2021 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics Corner Precinct 12 Jeff Zeitlin
Cardboard Heroes Ewan Quibell
Players Guide to Solo Roleplaying Jeff Zeitlin
Off the Table: Fate of the Kinunir Ewan Quibell
Doing It My Way Character Generation Rules: Native Foreigners: An Expanded Career for Barbarians Michael Brown
Factions as Characters Paul Elliott
The Shipyard Designs for Traveller5: The Caladbolg System Defense Fleet Art Gorski
Naval Doctrine and Tech Level Ken Pick
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #50: I Hate It Timothy Collinson
Kurishdam Lecture Hall and Library: Vargr Iconography Thomas Jones-Low
In A Store Near You [Stats for] Alka Shiriigi Personal Attendant Robot Ewan Quibell
(original article by Benedikt Schwarz)
Multimedia Gallery Twilight Stories #1: Port of Transit Mike Cross

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From the Editor

About two weeks before “going to press”, this issue was ready except for updating the published products (p.60) and a space of about four column-inches at the top of p.35. That last was proving a bit troublesome to fill, until we got an “update” from Kickstarter filed under TravellerCON/USA 2019. That update provided what was needed to fill that space. The one-sentence summary: “It looks like TravellerCON/USA 2021 will be happening.”

Given that, and given that the intent at the present time is that the theme should be “Hivers”, I’d like to make the September/October issue a Theme Issue, with the same theme: Hivers. We recognize that there’s only a limited amount of canonical material on them out there, but it should still be enough of a jumping-off point for your creativity, whether for rules, artwork, consumer goods, plants or animals from Hiver worlds, stories, … whatever. (I recall, for example, that there was an actual novel published in which Hivers played an important role.) Please do what you can to generate enough Hiver-related material to make the Theme Issue a reality.

We are also looking into expanding our presence on social media; recently, we started having a presence on the Traveller Discord server (and we’re waiting for a blurb from the admins to add to our Traveller on the Internet page), and our RSS feed at https://freetrav.dreamwidth.org/data/rss?tag=ftmagazine is live (and updated more often than once every two months). We’d appreciate input (best way is email, editor@freelancetraveller.com) for other ideas from those who are knowledgeable about other platforms, and their requirements and restrictions.