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May/June 2022


May/Jun 2022 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner Alien Realms Paul Anuni
A Gift Brought More Precious Timothy Collinson
Trade Empire-class Commercial Transport Paul Hillers
Minor Loot (or What’s In This Guy’s Pockets?) Ewan Quibell
Active Measures Helzr’s Recovery/Salvage and Repossession Service (I: One of Our Scout Ships is Missing) Graham Bayley
Getting Off the Ground: The Old Ship Jack Mitcham
Kurishdam The Club Room: Ratmen in Space: The Rattati Joe Adams
Lecture Hall and Library: Jump Destination: Nathir Garry Ward
The Lab Ship Sub-Light Travel: Getting Around In Traveller Frank Miskevich
Multimedia Gallery The Pirates of Drinax Graphic Stories: Episode 4: A Meeting At Theev Joe Adams
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #56: The End Timothy Collinson

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From the Editor

Before I get into my usual half-page, I do need to acknowledge and correct an error: On page 59 of the January/February 2022 issue, there was a picture of a Type S against a backdrop of the Horsehead Nebula, which had been credited to Ian Stead. Mr Stead wrote to us, thanked us for the compliment, and noted that the actual artist was Jesse DeGraff.

This issue almost ended up being a Theme Issue with a theme of “Adventures”. Three articles are actual adventures, and two of the four reviews are of published adventure folios. I ultimately decided not to call it a Theme Issue because Traveller itself is all about adventures, so every article would be relevant to an “Adventures” theme. I’d still like to do Theme Issues more often than in the past, so ideas for themes and appropriate articles are certainly welcome.

There are a few sections that I think could use some love, in the sense of people not having written articles for them in a while: Less Dangerous Game and Fascinating Flora both provide options for “encounters” with nature, red (or green) in tooth and claw, something that’s often overlooked in actual adventures. In A Store Near You offers several subsections, from random consumer goods to vehicles to weaponry to the stores themselves. Those of you who are into worldbuilding, in the sense not just of rolling up systems using the equivalent of Book 6: Scouts, but of coming up with the cultures that live there afterword, may want to write material suitable for almost any of the Kurishdam sections. Finally, Other Roads is a good place to outline alternate Traveller settings—if you have a favorite SF universe that you think has a Traveller feel, why not try to turn it into a setting and tell us about it?

Finally, it’s time once again to thank the community for making Freelance Traveller what it is. You’ve shared your ideas and your work, and in doing so you’ve enriched the community far beyond what I could ever have done alone. Thank you!