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June 2013


June 2013 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics' Corner Clement Sector “kafka”
Traveller5: First Impressions Timothy Collinson
Six Guns Rescue Organizations “kafka”
In A Store Near You Mokaberi Jeff Zeitlin
The Showroom: Exeter-class TL8 Low-Cost COACC Fighter Richard Perks
Less Dangerous Game Eightball Puppeteer Scott Diamond
Raconteurs' Rest Drop Out (Part 23) Ken Murphy
Doing It My Way Character Generation Rules: The Imperial Secret Service Harry Bryan
The Shipyard MegaTraveller Designs: Mpeara- and Npeara-class SDBs Ewan Quibell
Active Measures Getting Off the Ground: Formerly Known As... Michael Brown
Kurishdam Lecture Hall and Library: Fuel Harvesting Stations Paul Hillers
Up Close and Personal Chuck Chambers Sam Swindell

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From the Editor

With the earliest production copies of Traveller5 having shipped in May, this seems like a good time to announce that Freelance Traveller will offer the same level of support for it that we do for other versions of Traveller—that is, you write for it, we’ll use it.

This latest version of Traveller has a long development history, and there is ongoing debate as to whether it is the product promised these many years ago, or even a usable one. Freelance Traveller feels that the market will measure its success, as it has for every other release of Traveller, and our support will be measured the same way.

On another topic, we’re still accumulating material for Theme Issues; it’s been a while since we put out an explicit call, so we’ll mention it again—we have theme issues planned for the interstellar cruise, for psionics, for the spaceport city, and for Prime Directive when it’s released for Traveller. If you have ideas or articles for any of them, please write and send them in—we’d like a good four or five worthy articles on the theme for an issue, but the more the merrier.

Finally, those of you who download our PDFs in A4 format will notice that the top and bottom margins of this issue are a bit larger than normal, and the left and right margins are a little smaller than normal. That’s because we really didn’t have enough time to reformat everything like we have in the past; we’re also going to tweak the margins of the US Letter format for July so that we can just change the paper size, and the margins on all four sides won’t be unreasonable regardless of whether you download the US Letter or A4 format. Doing so will speed up production, and let us get back onto the schedule we’d originally planned.