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February 2010

February 2010 Department Article Title Author
Current Issue Cover From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Fifth Imperium #4, #5 (Combined): Sectors of the Imperium Shannon Appelcline
In A Store Near You LSP Data Goggles Thomas Barclay
Up Close and Personal Dain Thrangar Dan Roseberry
The Shipyard Commerce Raiding and Convoys Bill Cameron
Critics' Corner Mongoose Traveller Supplement 4 - Central Supply Catalogue Jeff Zeitlin
Career Book 2 Benjamin Pew
Marc Miller's Traveller: Starships Richard Crowley

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From the Editor

First, an apology and correction: In our introductory issue, we credited the profile of Judith Shreipm in Up Close and Personal to Dan Roseberry. We’re not sure how that error crept into the issue, but all of our notes except the actual working copy of the magazine (and, of course, the final production copies) show that it is, in fact, an error. We apologize to Alan Spik, the true author of the piece, and to all of our readers for misleading them. The PDFs, unfortunately, will continue to reflect this error, but the website itself will note the error and provide corrected info. Dan Roseberry does have an Up Close and Personal item in this issue—Dain Thrangar.

We’re discovering one of the hazards—if you can call it that—of having an active, intelligent, well-read, and diverse Traveller community writing material to share: it becomes difficult to keep the size of an issue from expanding. This issue is larger again than last issue, and there were some other articles that we were looking at including. One must draw the line somewhere, however, and we’ve managed to keep this issue down to 30 pages. The big article is Bill Cameron’s article on Commerce Raiding and Convoys; while much of it is a historical overview, we couldn’t cut it because it did such a good job of establishing context for his discussion of raiding and convoying in the Traveller context.

We’re already starting to line up material for a ‘theme issue’; what that theme turned out to be was a surprise to us; we think you’ll be just as surprised—and hopefully, just as pleased. We’re not going to say more now; we don’t want to spoil the surprise, and we’re not yet certain about when the theme issue will show up—we’re still working on compiling material for it.

Thanks to you, the Traveller community, it looks very much like we’ll be able to continue to publish monthly. Freelance Traveller as a magazine is very much an experiment, and we are really quite gratified at the reception it has received. We hope to have your continued assistance in the future so that we can continue to meet your expectations.