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November/December 2022


Nov/Dec 2022 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Articles
Critics’ Corner No Questions Asked Jeff Zeitlin
21 Plots Too Ewan Quibell
Dra’k’ne Station Paul Anuni
Cepheus Deluxe Brett Kruger
Up Close & Personal Interview with John Watts of Independence Games Brett Kruger
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #59: More Music Timothy Collinson
The Shipyard MegaTraveller Designs: Surcouf-class Corsair Ewan Quibell
Multimedia Gallery Twilight Stories #1: Port of Transit Mike Cross
The Prep Room Using AI for Your Cepheus Engine Setting P-O Bergstedt
Doing It My Way Cepheus Lethal Hits A.R. Kavli
Active Measures Helzr’s Recovery, Salvage, and Reposession Service Part 2 Graham Bayley
Less Dangerous Game Garinars Graham Bayley

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From the Editor

I want to start by apologizing—TravellerCON/USA and a couple of other things cut into my time for putting this issue together, and as a result, I ended up reprinting more articles than I usually prefer. The ones I chose were all originally presented in Cepheus Journal, and, having acknowledged that, I must also acknowledge—no, I must proclaim—that the CJ authors and editors have kept up the standard of quality that I believed I saw when I wrote my review of the first three issues in the March/April 2021 Freelance Traveller. As I said in that review, if you read Freelance Traveller for ideas, you should also read Cepheus Journal.

After reading P-O Bergstedt’s article on using AI generators for gaming (reprinted in this issue), I played a bit with the Wombo Dream art generator. One of the better results that I got from various Traveller-related ‘captions’ is the cover of this issue.

This year’s TravellerCON/USA theme was psionics, and I was able to put together a good collection of articles for the September/October issue; thank you to everyone who sent in relevant articles. Next year’s theme will be Free Traders; please start thinking about (and writing!) good articles for that theme so that next year’s September/October issue will be as focused as this years. Don’t let that stop you from writing articles on anything Traveller that might come to mind, though; as usual, I can use anything and everything Traveller that you have the desire to create and share..