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What Was New?
December 2010
  • The January 2011 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
November 2010
  • The December 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
  • We have shut down the Freelance Traveller forums pending a complete top-to-bottom revamp. Watch the magazine for an announcement of their return.
October 2010
  • The November 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
September 2010
  • The October 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
August 2010
  • The September 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
July 2010
  • The August 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
June 2010
  • The July 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
May 2010
  • The June 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
  • The Freelance Traveller Forums have been returned to operation. We are looking at some possible improvements for them, and would appreciate feedback and ideas in the Administration Center thread (newsgroup freetrav.admin for NNTP users) on our forums, or via email (to tech@freelancetraveller.com or newsadmin@freelancetraveller.com).
April 2010
  • The May 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted. A new recurring feature, the BurrowWolf graphic novel, will appear in our pages in alternate months beginning with this issue.
March 2010
  • The April 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
February 2010
  • The March 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
January 2010
  • The February 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
December  2009
  • The January 2010 issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine has been posted.
November  2009
  • The Freelance Traveller Forums are down indefinitely, due to unreliability of the hosting computer (which is entirely under our control, not at a commercial service). We will be returning to the older manual notification of updates because of this. When we can find a more reliable means of hosting the Freelance Traveller Forums, we will restart them and resume the RSS-based update method.
  • There have been many minor updates and corrections to various pages on the site.
  • We have implemented suggestions from several Feedback messages:
    • The front page of the site now has a description of what each department of the site is, instead of just links to them.
    • There is also a thumbnail image of the cover of the current issue of the magazine, and links to the section of the site where the magazine can be downloaded, or older articles viewed.
    • The submission guidelines have been revamped.
    • We have added review dates for some of the website reviews, and as we find the information in our off-line submission archives, we will add dates to as many of the remaining undated website reviews as we can find information for.
  • We have temporarily suspended updating the Published Products list, both because of the high volume of material coming out almost constantly, and so that we can revamp that subsection of the site to increase its utility to visitors. We will announce the resumption of the listings when the revamp is completed.
October 2009
  • This month represents the beginning of a new model for Freelance Traveller - in addition to our website, we are also a downloadable PDF-format magazine. Our "sample" issue, made available this month, is dated November 2009; beginning around Christmas, we will be posting the first of what we expect will be monthly issues, beginning with the cover date of January 2010.
  • As part of our change to being a magazine, we have made some changes to the front page of our site. There are also numerous minor updates throughout the site, and will be on a very frequent basis for the remainder of the year.
  • At the request of the author, Alex Ingram's article on additional Law-Enforcement related skills for Traveller has been withdrawn.
September 2009
August 2009
July 2009
June 2009
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March 2009
February 2009
December 2008
November 2008
September 2008
August 2008
July 2008
June 2008
May 2008
April 2008
  • Peter Brenton profiles Harriet ("Hattie") MacPherson, an Imperial investigator with an unusual knack for getting the information. Read about her in Up Close and Personal.
  • Andrew Boulton created a video of scenes from a hypothetical Traveller movie, and posted it to YouTube. We've got an embed of it in the Multimedia Gallery.
  • Daniel Phelps profiles Ulysses Perceval Smythe, a remittance man and small-time thief who can also act as a gentleman's gentleman. Read about him in Up Close and Personal.
  • Freelance Traveller began an experiment: contests for new content, inspired by some ship and adventure design contests that had occurred in the past in another Traveller venue. Information on completed contests can be found on the Freelance Traveller Contests page.
  • Temporal Tonic Wine, Alan Hume's winning entry in the first Freelance Traveller contest of 2008, to come up with a consumer good, has been posted to (naturally) In A Store Near You.
  • We've done some touch-up on the design of the site based on feedback from others. We hope that these minor changes make using our site more pleasant for you, and we will be continuing to make minor modifications in continued response to continued feedback.
March 2008
  • There were no updates during this month.
February 2008
January 2008
December 2007
November 2007
October 2007
September 2007
August 2007
  • Joel Benford's story, Kursis Charter, based on the QLI adventure of the same name, has been updated in Raconteurs' Rest, with parts 38 and 39 being added.
  • MAG brings images of the ubiquitous Type S Scout/Courier to the Multimedia Gallery.
  • In the Information Center: We've added some sites to the list of Traveller websites, and some programs to the Windows and Macintosh software lists in the Computer Connection.
  • James Catchpole sends us an adventure seed, Out of Bounds. Find this Active Measure in Getting Off the Ground.
  • In the Information Center, we have News About Traveller: Mongoose will be releasing a new version of Traveller early in 2008.
  • We've updated the software used to manage the Freelance Traveller Forums. We expect that the new software will ultimately have better performance, and will offer a better interface, which we are in the process of determining how to customize to match the look and feel of the rest of Freelance Traveller. The new software also offers the administrators some additional convenience, so problems that are discovered and/or reported may be correctable more quickly. One change in the new forum software that we've been advised of is that the old URLs for RSS feeds no longer work - the new software has changed the URLs for them. The old URLs were of the form


    The new URLs are of the form


    Please update your subscriptions accordingly.
  • Traveller HERO has been released! With the release, we have a new sample, replacing the old one, which has been linked from the Designers' Interview page in the Conversion Rules section of Doing It My Way. We've also added listings for HERO Designer and some data files to the multiplatform software list in the Information Center's Computer Connection.
July 2007
  • Joel Benford's story, Kursis Charter, based on the QLI adventure of the same name, has been updated in Raconteurs' Rest, with part 37 being added. He also has given us an overview of one of the worlds in the story, Sentry, in the Jump Destinations section of Kurishdam's Lecture Hall and Library.
  • Peter Gray's Crucible Campaign material, in Other Roads, is updated, with revisions to the articles for the Pretoria and Midway (formerly Sabinar) federations, the Stronghold, the Badlands, the Highwaymen, and the Cultural Taxonomy overview.
  • Our site search is now powered by Google, so expect results faster, and with more flexibility in setting up the search.
  • We've revised the forms slightly, and changed the mechanism behind them. If you give us a valid email address when submitting your question or feedback, you'll get a confirmation email with the information you submitted, and if there's a problem with the data you've submitted, it will be described.

    Note: At some point, a valid email address may be required - we WILL NOT give that email address to ANYONE without your permission (or a court order); we will ONLY use it for contacting you in connection with your feedback or question.
June 2007
May 2007
April 2007
31 March 2007
  • Part 30 of Kursis Charter, by Joel Benford, has been added to Raconteurs' Rest.
  • Ken Murphy profiles the colorful Spanachi family in Up Close and Personal.
  • Beginning with the April updates, we will no longer indicate the exact dates of the updates; all updates that appear during a given month will appear in a single entry on this page after the first update of the following month appears on the RSS What's New page. We will also not be noting minor fixes or link updates on this page.
28 March 2007
24 March 2007
18 March 2007
13 March 2007
11 March 2007
21 Jan 2007
24 Dec 2006
22 Oct 2006
1 Oct 2006
10 Sep 2006
27 Aug 2006
30 July 2006
9 July 2006
2 July 2006
11 June 2006
28 May 2006
  • Conversion of older articles to the new look continues.
  • The web interface to the Freelance Traveller Forums is still down. This is because of deficiencies in our current hosting plan. We are looking for a new hosting plan that will support our needs for the forums.  However, the NNTP interface is still up and working, and accessible via a newsreader program.
  • At the request of DOJ, Inc., we have withdrawn the downloadable PDF for TravellerHero. The discussion from the authors remains on Freelance Traveller. DOJ and ComStar Games have come to an agreement allowing ComStar to publish Traveller material for the HERO System. See the announcement.
  • There will be a temporary outage of the main Freelance Traveller site some time during the month of June. This outage is not expected to last more than a few days, and represents the initiation of our new hosting arrangement. Shortly after the changeover, the web interface to the forums should be back on-line.
  • Part 18 of Kursis Charter, by Joel Benford, has been added to Raconteurs' Rest.
  • Ewan D. Quibell brings a review of the FASA Double Adventure, The Stazhlekh Report/The Harrensa Project, to Critics' Corner.
  • Added ComStar Games's titles to the list of published products in the FAQ, in the Information Center.
  • Brandon Cope brings his GURPS Traveller design for a heavy modular merchant ship to the Shipyard.
7 May 2006
22 April 2006
  • Conversion of older articles to the new look continues.
  • The web interface to the Freelance Traveller Forums is still down. This is because of deficiencies in our current hosting plan. We are looking for a new hosting plan that will support our needs for the forums.  However, the NNTP interface is still up and working, and accessible via a newsreader program.
  • Part 15 and Part 16 of Kursis Charter, by Joel Benford, has been added to Raconteurs' Rest.
  • A new subsection of Lecture Hall and Library, in Kurishdam, has been created. Jump Destinations contains writeups of individual worlds, including Joel Benford's writeup of Miip.
  • Some minor reorganization of the site has moved many of the RICE Papers. Links to these articles from outside Freelance Traveller are broken; please follow the links from  the RICE main page to get their new locations. RICE Papers on specific worlds are now with other Jump Destinations; RICE Papers on cultures not tied to a specific worlds are in The Club Room.
  • Michael Cessna brings two adventure seeds to Getting Off the Ground: Cat and Mouse and Combat Logistics. John G. Wood brings another: Extraction. See them in Active Measures.
19 March 2006
26 February 2006
12 February 2006
22 January 2006
8 January 2006
18 December 2005
4 December 2005
20 November 2005
23 October 2005
9 October 2005
2 October 2005
  • Conversion of older articles to the new look continues.
  • The authors of TravellerHERO have given us a look at the genesis of the project.
27 September 2005
3 September 2005
13 August 2005
17 July 2005
10 July 2005
26 June 2005
30 May 2005
15 May 2005
7 May 2005
10 April 2005
27 March 2005
13 March 2005
6 March 2005
21 February 2005
  • Conversion of older articles to the new look continues.
  • Peter Gray's extensive material on his Crucible Campaign, an alternative development of the area behind the Claw in the New Era, is now available in Other Roads.
30 January 2005
  • Conversion of older articles to the new look continues.
  • Mick Bailey's profiles of the Emperors of the Rule of Man are now available in the Lecture Hall and Library section of Kurishdam.
  • The Freelance Traveller Forums are live for pure NNTP access (using e.g., Forté Agent, XNews, Thunderbird, tin, slrn, etc.). To participate, you must register (it's free) by sending email to newsadmin at freelancetraveller.com. Include the username you'd like to use, and an email address you can be reached at; we will send you access instructions and your password via return mail.
16 January 2005
  • Conversion of older articles to the new look continues.
  • Ken Pick brings us Striker Zero, an adaptation of Ground Zero Games' Dirtside II and Stargrunt II for Traveller. Read this collection of articles in Doing It My Way.
  • At some point during this year, we will be converting our What's New/Changelog pages to database driven.  At the same time, or perhaps before that, we will be requesting permission to place a cookie on your system. This cookie will NOT be used to 'snoop' on you, but simply to indicate when you last visited our What's New or Changelog pages, so that when the database-driven versions go on line, we will be able to show you only those items you don't know about.
12 December 2004
21 November 2004
17 October 2004
26 September 2004
19 September 2004
29 August 2004
8 August 2004
25 July 2004
4 July 2004
13 June 2004
23 May 2004
1 May 2004
11 April 2004
21 March 2004
Just a token update this time around; real life takes its toll. Next update will be the weekend of 10 April.
7 March 2004
15 February 2004
  • We've been neglecting completing the conversion of older articles to the new site design. A step toward correcting that is the single largest change to the site. We're also experimenting with minor adjustments to the look, based on some feedback that we've received.
  • Peter Trevor turns his spotlight on us for this update. See what he has to say in the LinkLooks section of Critics' Corner.
  • John Snead brings the Safe-T-Pod-class 3 Ton Lifeboat to the T4 section of the Shipyard.
25 January 2004
11 January 2004
28 December 2003
14 December 2003
30 November 2003
16 November 2003
26 October 2003
12 October 2003
28 September 2003
14 September 2003
31 August 2003
17 August 2003
3 August 2003
20 July 2003
6 July 2003
1 July 2003
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4 May 2003
20 April 2003
6 April 2003
16 March 2003
1 March 2003
Because of an unfortunate computer accident, this update is smaller than originally planned. We apologize to our loyal fans.
17 February 2003
26 January 2003
12 January 2003
22 December 2002
8 December 2002
10 November 2002
20 October 2002
6 October 2002
22 September 2002
8 September 2002
18 August 2002
11 August 2002
  • Minor link fixups have been made throughout the site. Because of an attack of real life, including much stress and a storm that knocked out our ability to update the site for a day, this is really a token update. The next update will be next week, and will be far more extensive - there will be lots of time available to do this next update.
21 July 2002
7 July 2002
23 June 2002
9 June 2002
19 May 2002
5 May 2002
  • Peter Trevor returns to our Critic's Corner with two new LinkLooks - Elv's Traveller Pages and Doug's World.
  • Updated the FAQ and the Published Products list. The SJG forthcoming and planned products are now listed on the SJG Published Products List page, and a new page covering QuickLink Interactive has been added. Miniatures fans may want to check a new note concerning Stan Johansen Miniatures on that page.
  • We have added a search page to the site. We have no idea how well it will work, so consider it experimental and send us feedback about it. For now, it's only available via the link above; if it works out, a link to it will be placed on every page.
  • Michæl Hughes has revised his method for creating TNS news items. You can read about it in Doing It My Way.
  • Ian Malcomson found some problems with hull design in Fire, Fusion, and Steel for Traveller: The New Era, and has provided a fix, which you can read in Doing It My Way.
21 April 2002
  • A day or thereabouts after we posted the last update, we spotted that a whole bunch of stuff showed up corrupted - nothing fatal, but not a happy-making state of affairs. It's taken most of the past two weeks to find and fix the problems. We know how it happened; complaints have been made to the appropriate quarters. Apologies for any problems or awkwardnesses encountered because of this.
  • Michæl Hughes brings us a quick and easy method for creating TNS news items. You can read about it in Doing It My Way.
  • Freelance Traveller has been selected as the RPGNews.com Fan Site of the Week. We're massively flattered - but it's you, the people who have supported our continuing efforts, that are deserving of accolades; without you, we wouldn't have survived. (We looked at RPGNews.com and are very impressed - if you're interested in multiple systems and settings, not just Traveller, this is a good place to start!)
  • Michæl Hughes also profiles Calypso McArthur, an ex-freedom fighter now scouting or the Imperium. You can meet McArthur in Up Close and Personal.
7 April 2002
  • More internal changes, plus all of the pages have been updated to reflect our new contact address(es), at freelancetraveller.com. The old Yahoo! address will continue to work for a while, but you will get faster responses by writing to the new addresses.
  • John T. Kwon brings us a design for the Virtus-class Solomani Infiltrator. Read it in The Shipyard.
  • Joe Webb brings us another JTAS Adventure Contest winner. You can read Sex and the Single Vargr in Active Measures.
  • Kate Thumann brings us the first Traveller "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure", Scout's Honor. You can download it from Active Measures.
24 March 2002
24 February 2002
10 February 2002
19 January 2002
23 December 2001
16 December 2001
3 December 2001
10 November 2001
21 October 2001
7 October 2001
  • Fred Ramen's novella, The Hostile Stars, is now available for download in PDF and AportisDoc (Palm) formats. You can get it in Raconteur's Rest.
15 September 2001
In honor of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, our normal ringed-sun logo has been replaced by the U.S. flag for this update and the next two, at least.
1 September 2001
  • Chapter twenty-four, the conclusion of The Hostile Stars, Fred Ramen's serial story, has been posted to Raconteur's Rest.
  • Updated the FAQ and the Published Products list for SJGames to reflect recent product releases and a change-of-address for contacting Marc Miller regarding licensing.
  • Added new software to the Other/Multi-Platform software list.
  • Eris Reddoch brings us a system for generating occasional cargos. Read it in Doing It My Way.
  • Beginning with this update, Freelance Traveller will be making more use of style sheets and trying to conform more closely to specifications for HTML. This will result in the appearance changing. Your feedback on these changes is appreciated.
18 August 2001
4 August 2001
21 July 2001
  • Chapter twenty-one of The Hostile Stars, Fred Ramen's ongoing serial story, has been posted to Raconteur's Rest.
  • Several minor errors have been found and corrected in Other Roads.
  • Ken Bearden has come up with yet another task system for Traveller. Read about it in Doing It My Way.
1 July 2001
17 June 2001
3 June 2001
19 May 2001
5 May 2001
22 April 2001
1 April 2001
No, it's not a joke - we really are posting a serious update on this date...
4 March 2001
19 February 2001
4 February 2001
  • Chapter eleven of The Hostile Stars, Fred Ramen's ongoing serial story, has been posted to Raconteur's Rest.
  • A whole new section on storyline questions, and minor updates to reflect forthcoming SJG items, have been added to the FAQ. The FAQ can be found in the Information Center.
  • Updates to Traveller on the Internet to reflect added web sites, reported site address changes, and the conversion of eGroups to Yahoo! Groups.
7 January 2001
24 December 2000
10 December 2000
26 November 2000
12 November 2000
29 October 2000
9 October 2000
1 September 2000
20 August 2000
2 July 2000
18 June 2000
  • Some fast work by the author has allowed us to resume offering 101 Starships for download, and the shipyard designs therefrom have been restored to the Shipyard. Our thanks to Rob for his efforts.
  • A recent newsgroup debate has prompted The Editor to write his own article on explaining why drop tanks aren't used as heavily as they might be. This is a Traveller Solution that can be found in Doing It My Way.
11 June 2000
  • Heaven and Earth, the successor to World Builder Deluxe, has been released, and a link included in the Windows program listing in the Computer Connection in the Information Center.
  • Because of the author's legal concerns, having nothing to do directly with Freelance Traveller, we have had to temporarily withdraw 101 Starships and the Shipyard designs reprinted therefrom. We have received assurances that as soon as the legal concerns have been dealt with appropriately, we will receive a new edition of 101 Starships for distribution. Freelance Traveller apologizes for this situation.
28 May 2000
30 April 2000
9 April 2000
11 February 2000
31 December 1999
28 November 1999
23 October 1999
16 October 1999
2 October 1999
25 September 1999
5 September 1999
17 August 1999
  • A new section, The Lab Ship, has been opened. This section will contain "pure science" articles that will hopefully help the referee develop more realistic campaign environments. Robert O'Connor gives us our first article, on basic xenobiology.
31 July 1999
  • The FAQ, in the Information Center, has been updated to reflect the release of GURPS Traveller Alien Races 2.
10 July 1999
4 July 1999
30 May 1999
11 April 1999
  • The last copy of 101 Starships that we had posted was corrupted. We've obtained a fresh copy, which is available in the Shipyard.
  • Dave Nelson gives us two complete adventures, which can be found in Active Measures.
26 March 1999
21 March 1999
6 March 1999
27 February 1999
  • We're back, after our host seems to have disappeared. We apologize for our unavailability; we hope that it won't happen again with our new host.
  • We've reorganized the Computer Connection, hopefully making it easier to find the software you're looking for.
15 February 1999
13 February 1999
24 January 1999
15 January 1999
20 December 1998
13 December 1998
  • Articles from the old RICE Archives are being incorporated into Freelance Traveller. These articles will be indicated by a modified version of the Freelance Traveller ringed-sun logo, containing a stylized flame in the center, and by the page title, which will become "Freelance Traveller/The RICE Archives". The article on Regency languages in Kurishdam has been updated to reflect its origins, and an article on detailing starports (also listed under the Doing It My Way heading) has been incorporated.
  • Additional links to Traveller on the Internet, in the Information Center.
6 December 1998
27 November 1998
26 November 1998
14 November 1998
6 November 1998
2 November 1998
  • A new link on our links page to a new Traveller web site - Marc Miller's/FarFuture Enterprises'! We've also updated a couple of changed URLs.
1 November 1998
  • We inadvertently omitted a credit from one of the pictures on Chris Cox's Take Ship II page in the Multimedia Gallery. Fixed. Our apologies to both Chris and Jesse DeGraff.
29 August 1998
  • The Computer Connection continues to expand. Just as an aside, the opening of this section seems to have doubled our weekly hit rate!
16 August 1998
  • Our call for information on Traveller software was answered - in spades. Visit the Computer Connection and see all of the software we've found. We can also promise more in the near future.
9 August 1998
26 July 1998
  • The Computer Connection is open, with listings of some software that we feel may be of interest to the Traveller community.
6 June 1998
  • In Kurishdam/At Home, We Do It Like This..., you'll find an article from the early days of one of Freelance Traveller's predecessors, the RICE Archives. The incorporation of this article, on the common languages of the Regency, represents the beginning of the effort to bring the RICE Archives material back to the Traveller community.
30 May 1998
  • In the process of the fix described in the next paragraph, we renamed The Social Register to the more appropriate Kurishdam. Visit the page to find out why it's more appropriate.
  • We found some serious problems with the table definition on the new pages from the last update. If you looked at them, you saw that the text in this white area was shifted excessively far to the right. <Sigh> More embarassment. Fixed.
  • Freelance Traveller is now mirrored at http://w3.execnet.com/jeffz, where you will find that the Feedback and Ask Freelance Traveller forms work.
17 May 1998
16 May 1998
  • Based on feedback from you, our readers, we've made some minor changes to the layout of the pages. Other changes are being tested, with an eye for inclusion later.
25 April 1998
19 April 1998
  • The FAQ in the Information Center has been updated to reflect recent changes in the Traveller industry, and to correct some incorrect information that was previously included.
4 April 1998
15 March 1998
  • One of our readers discovered that we forgot a link to the Critic's Corner, where all of our product reviews can be found. How embarassing. Fixed.
  • There's still a problem with the Feedback form, and that problem is duplicated on the Ask Freelance Traveller form, but both forms are now present, with links to prior feedback/questions (copied from the old site).
  • Author credits now appear on the index page providing a link to the authors' respective articles.
15 February 1998
  • We're here! After long redesign work and searching, Freelance Traveller is back, with a new look and a new address.